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CBS Scraps MacGyver Pilot, James Wan To Re-Do It


The TV pilot and trailer for the new ‘MacGyver’ didn’t exactly go down too well.  In fact it was about as welcome as, to quote a Dirty Harry movie, a turd in a swimming pool.  The YouTube dislike bar for the trailer looks like a pig was thrown on a landmine.

Now CBS has scrapped the whole thing, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and hired James Wan to re-do the whole pilot.  Lucas Till (X-Men: Apocalypse) and CSI alum George Eads will be serving as the only two castmembers that remain.

Indeed, the trailer is one of the worst I’ve seen and CBS execs seem to be staggeringly out of touch.  What was wrong with the pilot?  I’ll defer to this YouTube commentator;

If this is supposed to be the remake of the MacGyver of my childhood, they missed the point of MacGyver beyond the obvious. The thing about MacGyver is that he’s not just a supernaturally handy and gifted person in physics, but also a humble, unassuming, and down-to-Earth guy despite all that. This arrogant, smug, young and pretty new MacGyver just made me cringe, especially that shit-eating grin at the end. To me, the only way this would be OK is if this is actually the SON of our MacGyver, and his (retired but still superior) old man taught him everything he knows.

He’s got a point.  First Beverly Hills Cop, the pilot of which has apparently been buried with nuclear waste somewhere and now this.  Yo CBS…