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Independence Day: Resurgence Goldblum Meme Generator


Looks like Fox is having a good time with this new Independence Day movie.  Now, they have created a meme generator with Jeff Goldblum at the centre of it.

Ever wish you could Jeff Goldblum your memes? Good News! There’s been a Meme Resurgence and INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE star, Jeff Goldblum, is taking over. Ermahgerd Girl, Scumbag Steve, and Bad Luck Brian have all been recreated to feature the one and only Jeff Goldblum! Head to to get in on the action and create your own Goldblum Meme.

Goldblum Your Meme HERE:
INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURGENCE in theaters everywhere June 24, 2016!

You see, this is the kind of promotion that should have been used for The Expendables movies.  Can you imagine how awesome it would have been to have had Schwarzenegger, Lundgren et al with their own little sub sites like that?  The one liners – endless!