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More Good Blood Father News


Looks like there’s more good news for ‘Blood Father’, Mel Gibson’s upcoming thriller.  The movie is set to be released in France theatrically, on August 31st.  It’s good news because prior to this the only outlook was a DTV/VOD release in that region.

Maybe it’s because of the positive reviews.  And speaking of which, there’s another one of those out. has seen the movie and has spoken very highly of it;

Blood Father is a tight, punchy action flick with a strong set of core performances and memorable – if dusty – imagery. Jean-François Richet has crafted a fine film here that has what it takes to hang with the best of them.

Review score: FOUR STARS (OUT OF FIVE)

Looks like it’s going to be a good year for Gibson…

Thanks to: Frenchie & Sergei