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This Is The Hottest Witch In The History Of Movies


You don’t get mesmerized too often watching movies, but there is a stand out scene in ‘The Witch’, a 2015 horror movie, that will easily grip the attention of any red blooded male.  It features the hottest witch ever seen in a movie!  Check her out in the clip below.

The witch, in that incarnation, is played by Australian actress/model Sarah Stephens.  The old hag in the woods temporarily drops her real hideous form to lure the young boy.  And look at him, shitting his pants but at the same time, he is powerless, as anyone else would be.  What a shack to be dragged into, even if it’s probably terror incarnate once the door is closed. I mean, if you’re a 13 year old boy, don’t tell me you’re not going out to that shack looking for some action!

It’s actually a somewhat decent movie.  Old fashioned, creepy.  This scene in particular harkens back to the bathroom scene in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, where a dazed Jack Nicholson is lured by what appears to be a blonde woman in her prime.  Of course, if you’ve seen that movie, things quickly take a different turn.