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Bardem To Play Frankenstein’s Monster


Universal has been kind of left out in the cold from the riches studios like Disney and Warners can draw from awful CGI movies about ‘comics’.  The latter have built ‘universes’ around those, whereas Universal tries to pursue stuff like Fast & Furious.  Another thing they’re going to cook up is an attempt at launching a new era of monster movies.  Better that than heading towards the 25th straight year of leotard monotony/hegemony.

Anyway, one of Universal’s projects is going to be Frankenstein, with Javier Bardem now rumoured to play the beast created by the title character.  No other information is available, but it’s set to be part of a new wave.

Others include The Mummy with Tom Cruise, The Invisible Man with Johnny Depp and potentially The Wolf Man with Dwayne Johnson.  I have mixed feelings on the last big Frankenstein movie, the one with De Niro.  I think it was a decent movie in most respects but I did find that De Niro’s was kind of inappropriately funny now and again.