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New Games Journalism Corruption Scandal


Trillionaire nerdlinger will stoop to untold depths for a quick buck

Anywhere there’s something to be sold, there is corruption to be found.  And journalism isn’t the art of critique but rather shilling, often outright.  Let’s look at games journalism, boy is it a sign of the times.  First of all when it comes to kids, forget it, they no longer watch TV.  They don’t idolize stars like we once might have done, like I don’t know, Richard Dean Anderson or whatever. Now they stick exclusively to YouTube.

No name bums are the new celebrities to the generation coming up beneath us and gaming is making them famous.  People like ‘Pewdiepie’ have earned tens of millions and have a literal army of children following him.  If he and his ilk give the thumbs down to an upcoming game, it’s a financial kick in the balls before it even hits shelves.  Mommy, I don’t want this game anymore.

But don’t worry, the likes of Warner Bros. have it covered.  Just throw money at Pewdiepie and see how the reviews take a more positive note.  Warner is now being investigated for paying YouTube gaming journalist thousands each in order to give positive reviews.  Evidently earning tens of millions isn’t even for ‘Pewdiepie’, how can you say no to pocket change too?

So, do you wonder if this kind of thing goes on with other sectors of the entertainment industry?  You bet!  Are the big movie sites ever going to mention it?  No sir!