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Statham, Chan & Seagal Making Movie Together!


We never seen these three together in an Expendables movie – big oversight there one someone’s part.  But it is apparently going to happen somewhere else.  Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal and Jason Statham will be teaming up for a period project titled Viy 2: A Journey to China, a sequel to 2014′s Viy, the highest grossing Russian film of all-time.

As Impact originally reported (via CityonFire): “We’ve been aware of this project for some time, but the first official news is just being released for the big budget production Viy 2, which will shoot in Russia and China, and feature fight and stunt sequences choreographed by Jackie and his team. If that’s not good enough news for you, the project stars both Jackie and Jason Statham which should be a major draw for action fans.”

News later came from AAG that Steven Seagal would also join the project.  We’ll see what happens.  On the one hand, news of big ensembles like this come more often than they actually happen, but on the other, more and more big movies are coming out of the east…