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UPDATED: About That ‘Deadwood’ Movie…


UPDATED: Here’s an update on this movie.  Kim Dickens, who played Joanie Stubbs in the show and is now the lead on AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” told EW this week that she’s talked with Milch about returning to the role and that she’s already heard at least one of the scene from the film read aloud:

“I know he’s writing…I know lots of us have had our lunches with him. I’ve had my lunch with him, personally. We sat at lunch and he read a few scenes to me between Stubbs, Tolliver, and Jane… He read all the parts. It was amazing, it was funny, it was sad. It was all that it was.”

Elsewhere and in news unrelated, we’re going to have a very cool interview in the near future.  Let’s just say, we found out some neat stuff about 48 Hrs…

PREVIOUSLY: One of the manliest TV shows of the past decade, I think most will agree, was western series Deadwood.  However it was kind of cut off short by HBO and didn’t finish up as well as it should have, most are going to agree with that too and it is a legit complaint.

Last year there was talk of a full blown movie, but only rumours.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Thursday, HBO’s programming president Michael Lombardo tells TV Line that it’s definitely happening. David Milch has apparently come up with a story that the network was happy enough with that Lombardo personally gave Milch the green light:

“David has our commitment that we are going to do it. He pitched what he thought generally the storyline would be – and knowing David, that could change. But it’s going to happen.”

Chalk another one up for the western revival then.

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    Fuck HBO

  • Mucho Macho

    HBO keeps passing on David Fincher projects but they keep giving shows to that no ratings, fat, self-indulgent, child molesting /sister fingering, communist pork Lena Dunham.
    Go ahead guys and Google all the projects that HBO has turned down in recent years and the caliber of talent attached to them, it’s mind boggling.
    Netflix has become what HBO what supposed to be. I don’t think they will even have “The Sopranos” on the air today. The network is run by a gay “hipster” that has literally fucked up the channel.
    But hey.. can’t say nothing.
    Keep watching the subscriptions go down. That’s their fucking problem.

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    Boothe & Biehn vs Russell, Paxton & Kilmer = Manly
    Motha Fuckin’ Tombstone!!

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    JCVD vs Powers Boothe = Manly

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    Boothe was also in the Brandon Lee classic “Rapid Fire”
    Fuck you haters!
    It’s a classic in my book.
    R.I.P. Brandon Lee

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    When your mama names you Powers…
    You better be manly..
    My mama almost named me

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    I always wanted to see Powers Boothe as Batman. At least once. Thought he would have been great.

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    HBO still sucks, Lena Dunham is still a communist pig & Powers Booth is still cool