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Above The Law 2 Officially Happening


Last week it was rumoured that Steven Seagal would return as ‘Nico’ in an Above the Law sequel.  Well, not so much rumoured as hinted on his Twitter feed.  But now it looks like it’s actually going to happen.  Says The Master;

Very excited about this. 27 years in making. @NicosRevenge

It looks like Steven Seagal’s Steamroller Productions have acquired the rights to it.  Did they buy it from Warner Brothers?  Who knows.  Check out the Tweets by The Sensei below;

It also seems like they’re refusing to verify Master Seagal on Twitter. If you’re a dedicated student, you’ll have known for a while that despite having no ‘tick’ beside his name, this actually is Seagal’s Twitter account. Although whether or not it’s him operating it is another question.

I bet the people or person in charge of verification simply doesn’t like Mr. Seagal’s politics. As Mr. Seagal said when he felt Tom Cruise was wrongly cast for The Last Samurai over he, it’s all political!  But the good news is probably that Seagal is probably going to put a fierce effort into this one.