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Headshot: New Images

Some new images from the forthcoming Mo Brothers film, Headshot, starring Iko Uwais, have emerged.

These screenshots look pretty damn promising and the film also stars The Raid 2’s Julie Estelle, which can’t be bad.

Uwais plays a man washed up on a beach, suffering from an amnesia inducing head injury. As his memory starts to come back, he finds himself up against a vengeful drug kingpin. Sounds pretty unoriginal (but so what, right?) and I think the Mo Brothers will put an interesting spin on it. Hopefully this should make up for Uwais’ previously disappointing appearances in Man of Tai Chi (fucking awful) and, I hear, the new Star Wars film.

The film is scheduled to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness this September.

Here are the pictures (Scroll down to see all 5)…












































  • The Night Rider

    I wonder if Uwais would be wasted if he was ‘westernized’. Probably.

    • crocop97

      Yayan Ruhian was in Force Awakens, for like two minutes… fuck Hollywood

      • Jacob Phillips

        What a waste.

      • Luke

        Yeah they wasted all of them in there

    • Jacob Phillips

      More than likely.

  • my most anticipated movie of 2016. They’re working with 3 companies on a VOD release date.

  • Just Some Polack

    Smells like improved “Bourne Identity”. Improved due to probable lack of shaky cam and ultraquick editing. Also, Iko Uwais, aside from kicking major ass, is a much better actor than Matt “Duh, what am I doing here?” Damon.