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Jason Bourne 3D Inducing Vomit For Viewers


Paul Greengrass returned to the ‘Bourne’ series this year.  So did Matt Damon, although their much (self)heralded return was actually inferior to the spin off their were apparently sour on.  Although HESC Syndrome was toned down a bit in this movie, you’d probably be advised to avoid ever looking at it in 3D.

The movie opened on Tuesday in China to a strong 11 million, it also had a 3D conversion and that was playing too. But this version has caused mass sickness, as well as mass vomiting for those viewers.  Put it down to a bad conversion job and Paul Greengrass’ ‘directing’.

Worse, less than 5% of all theatres presented the movie in 2D, practically forcing the Chinese to watch it in 3D. Universal’s Beijing office has had to offer apologies and rush out as many 2D presentations as possible.

I still don’t understand how violently and stupidly shaking the camera, followed by throwing the reel into a blender and calling it ‘editing’, can be acceptable in a movie.