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Mamoa In Talks For ‘The Crow’


I don’t remember if Jason Mamoa filling in for Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan went down too well (I don’t think it did) but now it looks like Mamoa is going for another iconic remake.  According to DarkHorizons Mamoa is set to be the new ‘Crow’, or is strongly linked via talks at least.

the actor is in talks for the lead role of the long in the works “The Crow” remake. Momoa recently posted a photo of himself with the director Corin Hardy (“The Hallow”) on Instagram teasing a ‘dream job’ and that there was ‘great news to come.’

Creator James O’Barr previously indicated that the film will stick closer to the source material than any of the previous film adaptations. Momoa would play a murdered musician brought back from the dead by supernatural forces to claim his revenge.