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Terminator 2 3D Gets Poster

This seems somewhat quiet.  One of the biggest action movies ever is getting a hefty (3D) remaster and another theatrical release, but there doesn’t seem to be too much talk about it.  Check out the poster for this below.  Since we haven’t heard too much about it, you could be forgiven for worrying.

You can rest easy though as our friends over at TheTerminatorFans have been speaking exclusively to Stereo D (those behind the re-build) and came up with the following;

A source close to the production of Terminator 2 3D reassured us of the following…

Stereo D is doing the post-conversion and putting a lot of work into making it a great experience.

There is more on that at the full article.  In other words, since Jim Cameron is also keeping an eye on this, we can actually look forward to it instead of wondering if we’ll get some rotten egg. Interesting error though, the level is missing on Arnold’s gun…