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Crazed Leftists Come After Star Wars Toys


Since Star Wars is once again a thing at the movies, obviously they’re going to cram shelves full of Star Wars toys. This generation, when Disney and Hasbro set out to make toys, they were told specifically to exclude a toy for Daisy Ridley’s character Rey, simply because the main target demographic, boys, are known to not buy female action figures.

This, of course, caused uproar among political extremists in the west (who are not aware that they’re not centrists), who launched hashtag protests, blogging attacks and general ‘activism’ to see that a Rey figurine was also launched.

Now, after political bullying, Hasbro has been forced to make an unsound business decision and produce a product that no-one is going to buy, and even declare that it will feature ‘prominently’ among the product line, being forced to market it harder as well.

Toy industry consultant Chris Byrne tells AdAge: “Young boys will embrace the female hero in a way they wouldn’t have 30 or 40 years ago. Today’s boys will actually look at a female hero and say, ‘Yeah, she can be powerful.’ Their masculinity is not threatened.”

So there you have it.  Those six year old boys will progress!  It’s the current year and there is no such thing as men or women!  The last bold sentence is particularly disturbing, this so-called toy ‘expert’ simply does not realise that little kids do not think at that level, nor should they be forced to!