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The Night Comes For Us is Happening Again

Good news here, The Mo Brothers’ planned collaboration with Raid director Gareth Evans, The Night Comes For Us, has been resurrected. It had been announced some time ago that the film was no longer going ahead but that it would be made into a comic book instead. Glad to hear it’s up and running again. Presumably Joe Taslim and Julie Estelle will still be appearing, it’ll be good to see Joe Taslim get a chance to properly kick some ass again.

Timo Tjahanto had this to say in his Instagram:

Since its out there in the open, yes we are finally ressurecting this one. What hopefully will be a lean & (very) mean Killfest. Thanks to a dear & old friend @ghuwevans for his blessing. #thenightcomesforus


  • Fantastic news and find Jake! I follow Timo on Twitter and must have missed this news

    • Jacob Phillips

      Have you seen Dead Mine? Taslim was fucking wasted in it.

      • No but I know what you’re talking about.