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Underrated Manly Movies: Part VI

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The Edge (1997)

Continuing our digging for the more underrated manly movies out there, we start Part VI with The Edge, a 1997 survivalist movie. The movie sees billionaire Anthony Hopkins stranded in the north American wilderness with yuppie pissants Harold Perrineau and Alec Baldwin.

Hopkins, especially to the chagrin of Baldwin, adds insult to the injury of being a billionaire in their presence by also thinking for the group and assuming the role of alpha male.  Spears and such are whittled – few things are manlier than stripping and whittling a stick, every masculinist knows this.  And they’re also stalked by a giant carnivorous bear.

Oh, and you really have to check out the score for this one.  Jerry Goldsmith really elevates the whole thing with sheer excellence, it’s not for nothing that the full soundtrack is a highly sought after piece on CD.  It’s out of print, again, but keep an eye out for it…

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  • Jacob Phillips

    Cheers Night, I love these lists of lesser-known, underrated movies. The two WWII movies look decent.

  • Anoyster

    I saw Poseidon at the theatres, two things motivated me to do so. Kurt Russell of course, and that fine piece of ass Emmy Rossum, mm-m.

  • Der

    Love the edge up there with the gray but it had an in form Alex Baldwin who could read the phone book and make it watchable. The third guy is the side kick in the first dvd I ever bought drive with Mark ducaccus great little action movie.

  • jim

    Sentinel is bog standard generic.White Tiger is OK , a bit too on the nose for me. It needed to be a bit crazier…or something . I’d say Edge is a one time watch . As outdoor survivalist movie go I’ve seen better. Not bad but you’d expect more from the credits. .

  • Mucho Macho

    For those that might be interested the score of “The Edge” by Jerry Goldsmith is on YouTube, here are a couple of pieces from the score

  • Mucho Macho

    I think the original title for “The Edge” was “Bookworm”

  • Mucho Macho

    “White Tiger”
    “Into the White”

    I see a pattern

    • Eric Hutchison

      LOL, naturally.

  • Eric Hutchison

    Nice mention of Goldsmith’s score in The Edge. I find that lack of great, memorable scores these days to be one of the biggest things missing from modern day movies.

    • The Night Rider

      And it’s better to get on CD too. The stuff on YouTube is compressed crap.

  • Mucho Macho

    Some trivia from “Poseidon”

    “The original cut of the film was about 123 minutes long with 25 minutes of footage missing 20 of which was pre-capsize footage. Against the wishes of Petersen, the film was massively re-edited during post-production. Petersen was quite furious about this. Missing footage included a scene where Maggie and Connor visit the bridge where the Captain and Gloria reveal the affair they’ve been having, a scene where we get more information on the Valentine/Elena situation and where Valentine watches Gloria practice before the evening. Quite of bit of Josh Lucas’s character background was removed as well along with the conflict that was meant to be taking place between him and Maggie throughout the escape of the ship.”

  • Mucho Macho

    I wanna bang Kim Basinger and Emmy Rossum

  • Mucho Macho

    I like “The Sentinel”

  • Luke

    I really did enjoy 2006s Posiden, and I like both versions


    The Edge is a fuckin awesome manly movie – with a great great score

  • ColonelBobi

    Thanks for the recommendations on the WWII movies. Even the bad ones are usually worth watching to some extent. Poseidon remake was awful I thought. Must disagree with you there. The Edge is a pretty good movie though. I need to rewatch that.

  • crocop97

    Van Damme’s Inferno aka Desert Heat is an underrated little manly flick

  • Der

    Stone cold with the boz Brian bozworth is as manly as fuck ,time to craic the whip !!!!his folłow up movie on tough bastard wasn’t as good ,saw him at the end of three kings with clooney and was delighted to see him in the longest yard remake with the King of manly men sharky himself burt Reynolds the vinny Jones longest yard with jasan statham