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Underrated Manly Movies: Part VI

The Edge (1997)

Continuing our digging for the more underrated manly movies out there, we start Part VI with The Edge, a 1997 survivalist movie. The movie sees billionaire Anthony Hopkins stranded in the north American wilderness with yuppie pissants Harold Perrineau and Alec Baldwin.

Hopkins, especially to the chagrin of Baldwin, adds insult to the injury of being a billionaire in their presence by also thinking for the group and assuming the role of alpha male.  Spears and such are whittled – few things are manlier than stripping and whittling a stick, every masculinist knows this.  And they’re also stalked by a giant carnivorous bear.

Oh, and you really have to check out the score for this one.  Jerry Goldsmith really elevates the whole thing with sheer excellence, it’s not for nothing that the full soundtrack is a highly sought after piece on CD.  It’s out of print, again, but keep an eye out for it…

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