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Underrated Manly Movies: Part VI

White Tiger (2012)

It’s true, the premise sounds stupid as hell – on the Eastern Front in WW2, the Russians find themselves stalked by a supernatural tank.  It can apparently materialize and vanish at will, taking out their own tanks in the process.  Perhaps even more stupidly, they have their own tank ace who can recover, Wolverine-style, from horrific burns, who also has a sixth ‘tank’ sense.  They recruit him to take out the mythical beast.

Most of these paranormal elements though are played down, the movie is the exact opposite of hysterical, so we sort of enter the realms of The Keep, or the underrated The Bunker (2001 movie). The mythical Tiger is a metaphor for the emergence of the real Tiger in the early ’40s and the development of ‘Tigerphobia’.  Of course, the smarter Russkies in this movie find out that there are more rational excuses for a tank being able to disappear, such as snorkel technology allowing the vehicle to kill its traces by entering a river.  These are nice touches for a quite understated movie.

Unfortunately though, the only 1:1 replica Tiger in the world was not finished by the time camera’s rolled and instead we got a horrific mock up.

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