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News On Under Siege 3


UPDATED: On October 5th, 2016 Seagal tweeted: “It’s time. Woodie Mister is starting the script for Under Siege 3.”  Well I’m unfamiliar with this guy, however Seagal has been singing his praises a lot recently on Twitter.  He’s also said to be producing Above the Law 2.

PREVIOUSLY: Everyone’s favourite Steven Seagal movies are the Under Siege ones.  But it’s a pity the series never made it as a trilogy.  Rumours about a third movie have been on and off for years.  The last update being two years ago.  So here’s another blip on the radar.

Tandem Film (the TFPFGroup) has added Under Siege 3 to their slate.  Here is what they say about the movie…



The final chapter, “Under Siege 3” is a fast paced, exhilarating action-packed and thrilling film, showcasing a new level of terrorism that will redefine your view on terrorists. Smart, interesting, authentic and unpredictable, with a large award-winning cast.

Interestingly they have a piece of fan art from The Expendables 3 there.  Anyway, alarm bells might sound for a couple of reasons here.  First, action comedy?  Come on now, don’t Expendables 3 this thing.  Second, I’m pretty certain Warner Brothers own the name, at least Under Siege 3 (perhaps not Under Siege III?).

That said, if I’m the owner of Tandem Film, I wouldn’t be publishing and claiming ownership of Under Siege 3 on my portfolio, that’s inviting all kinds of legal woes surely.  Also, to keep things positive, here is what Steven Seagal said while The Expendables 3 was filming;

We are looking for some people who would be interested.  If we succeed we will make the film.

Seagal also said part 3 would be set in a building and based on a true story.  Interestingly Genghis Khan is also listed on Tandem’s site.  John Milius is wants to round out his career with a movie about Khan.  Whether it’s the same movie, who knows.