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Tom Hanks Puts His Two Cents In On Trump

I’ve always liked Tom Hanks and felt that he genuinely came across as a nice guy. I don’t think these videos do him any favours though. Firstly he remarks that Hilary Clinton is, and I quote, “wildly, wildly qualified to be the president of the United States.” Sure, having 30 years’ experience as part of America’s plutocratic, bought and paid for political elite. Then he goes on to slam Donald’s “locker room” talk, claiming to be “offended as a man.” Fuck’s sake, Tom. Whatever your take on who should be the next president, that’s embarrassing. Then again, could it be just a cheap attempt at drumming up some business for his latest movie? In any event, I’ve found that this video gets more cringe worthy the more you look at it. “No, no, no. He wasn’t in a locker room, he was at work.” Really, Tom? Really?

  • jim

    A man baby…never liked him…Tom Hankies they used to call him…best known for playing “developmentally challenged” but savvy enough never to go “full retard” …So what else is new?No big star would dare declare for Trump. That would be instant career suicide…This is the age of the metrosexualbetamaletranny…a lot of this pathological Trump bashing is down to hatredjealousy of the assertive male… The west could be heading for civil war…if the muzzies don’t get us first..

  • Andymovieman

    Tom Hanks the pussy, the sycophantic, egotistical liberal poster boy parasite. Thank god I boycotted his films after angels and demons and what he said about ww2 and racism. Fuck him and Robert De Niro and everyone else who supports Hillary the bullshit artist and murderer.

  • Luke

    I gotta say guys, this website is becoming more of a political account than a movie account… I’m just saying

    • Jay Beezy

      I said that on the De Niro/Voight post.

      • Luke

        It is isn’t it? I love you guys, but really, stick to movies

  • Mucho Macho

    Nazis were socialist and they planned a fascist World government, just like today’s totalitarian socialist. Ironic that the Left Wing moronic tools are being lead down the same fascist path.

    Today’s Left Wing Progressives are unwitting fascist tools. Back in the day a liberal or libertarian believed in equality, freedom of speech, limited government, a free market, liberty and sound economics. Progressives today believe in socialism, powerful government & censorship. They don’t give a shit whether the conversation was illegally taped like in the case of the Clippers Team basketball owner or took place in a private setting, they even want to regulate what we even say in our own home.

    The left-wingers are always calling their movement “a movement for the people” what’s ironic is that their movement puts a totalitarian big government in its place that has more control over the lifes it governs.
    I belive the government should serve its citizens, I don’t believe the citizens should belong to the government. I believe the people should be allowed to determine their self-worth in a free market with all its flaws & ups & downs cause what you own it’s yours and what you worked for you should own.

    Hillary Clinton believes in open borders and globalization. This is a woman who has been funded by enemies of the United States. She calls herself a liberal but takes money from people who kill men over their sexual orientation, this is a woman who is a feminist icon who freed a child rapist & laughed about it, this is a woman who is married to a man that had to settle various rape cases, this is a woman who referred to black people as “sexual predators” in emails, it was revealed that she refers to her followers as dumbasses, this is a woman responsible for Benghazi, a woman that lied to the parents of those who died in Benghazi, lied to Congress about Benghazi, lied to the people about Benghazi, this is a woman that when indicted and ordered to hand over 30 thousand emails she had them deleted, lied to Congress about it, millions of dollars of taxpayers money were spent because she wouldn’t admit to it, she has been investigated by the FBI on various occasions, rigged the primary ( she even apologize to Bernie Sanders publicly), while she was debating Bernie Sanders it was revealed she got questions beforehand there for giving her an advantage.

    Hillary Clinton is a major piece of shit as a human being, as a politician and most importantly for you liberals, as a woman. It is amazing how many people are willing to give this fucking amoral, sociopathic Cunt a pass because she has a vagina. For you liberals I say the following in your own language the point of equality is that a person should not be discriminated against for sexual orientation, race, gender or religion but there’s a flip side to that coin…that person should not be given credit for nor exempt from blame for those same reasons meaning those qualities should not be a factor in how that person performs a task. You want equality but your feminist icon should be in fucking prison but you’re giving her a free pass because of the same reasons you say people should not be discriminated against.

    • jim

      The determination to mega-slime Trump is a bit scary…this is what they can do to you if you threaten them…the entire media against him, a complete Omerta on the Podesta e-mails or ANY of the countless charges against this crappy Clinton clan…For a while I thought there was a chance Trump might get shot but I guess they found a better way to stop him…The anti-Trump overkill is so obviously orchestrated and hysterical that I wonder if it might backfire … Feminism brought us to this,… there is a distinct air of “hell hath no fury” about the anti Trump agenda: hysterical females aided and abetted by fags and weak men ….. If that fucking cunt wins …….?…..It’s not just the left..Clinton represent Wall St…..

      • Mucho Macho

        Too many sheep brother. I dont think he is going to win.
        Look he aint perfect but Hellary is an evil bitch whom will appoint crazy judges to the supreme court. That is 1 thing that scares me about her.

        I was just watching the program Access Hollywood which airs daily for half an hour on syndicated markets, where Billy Bush worked for over a decade and they literally just did the whole show about how bad Trump was & they just completely shat on Billy Bush. He was the show for years.

        So many markets right now in America just open the show with “Donald Trump confessed to assaulting women” like the ESPN link I just posted above and I’m just sitting there going like “dude it’s just a guy talking about pussy”.

        Lefty crazy fascists have really taken over.

        • jim

          Witchburners…It’s a kind of madness..From here it looks crazy dangerous …these bitches would burn him if they could…I feel the race might be tighter than it looks. Don’t trust ANY poll.

          • Mucho Macho

            This is a funny video.
            The future is bright…gulp

          • jim

            LOL.!!..Small..aren’t they?…

          • Mucho Macho


  • Mucho Macho

    In todays Left World Order these are the new rules:
    1) A woman is allowed to behave like a woman
    2) A man is allowed to behave like a woman
    3) A woman is allowed to behave like a man
    4) But not under any circumstances..
    Should a man be allowed to behave like a man

    • Slater93

      Grabbing women by the pussy without consent is acting like a man?

      • Mucho Macho

        Let me teach you a thing or two about manhood. I learned a lot from one of my childhood Idols ,the one ,the only ,Miami’s own …
        Razor Ramon

  • Mucho Macho

    The American media doing it’s “job”

  • Mucho Macho

    It’s hysterical now ( cause you have to under The Left New Order) that in locker rooms nobody talks about women or sex. Hahahahahahahahaha.
    As someone that for years was in baseball, basketball, soccer and American football locker rooms.. I can tell you nobody sat around playing chess while listening to Beethoven.

    For example in one baseball season the team I was in, had a thing going that the guy who struck out the most during a game had to go out and pick up the woman the rest of the team picked out for him.
    And of course she was the fattest, ugliest thing the team could find.
    But hey…The term “locker room talk” was just invented by Trump according to the media.

    Btw.. the guy who made this comment in a football team was a punter & anybody who knows a football team knows a punter is not considered a player by his teammates & nobody talks to him.

  • Der

    Loads of us aren’t living in America and don’t give a shit about that strange orange little creepy fucker trump or bills wife so can we get back to movies again .

  • UpInHurr

    I fucking hate both Trump and Hillary. And I fucking hate how actors and musicians go around telling people who they should vote for as if they’re qualified for doing so. Stick to acting and/or singing and let people make up their own fucking minds!!!

  • The Night Rider

    Clinton is going to start WW3 on behalf of her backers, she’s just the front woman but that doesn’t mean she won’t be willing too. They think they can write off 20 trillion in debt with another war. Anyone who watched that second debate ought to be downright terrified about her threats of a no-fly-zone in Syria. That means a hot war between the Russian and U.S. air forces. Clinton thinks she can call Putin’s bluff and he’ll back down.

    That’s not going to happen. If Putin were to back down, it sends the wrong message to other Russian client states (hey, we won’t defend you when the going gets tough) and worse, sends a message to the hardliners in Russia, that Putin can’t defend Russia’s interest.

    Russia has been invited into Syria for pest control, at the democratic request of Syrians, to deal with foreign nuts from dozens of countries. The Russian airforce will shoot down NATO jets trying to illegally impose their will.

    Then in Ukraine, their military will try to strike ‘while the iron’s hot’ and possibly try to re-take Crimea by force. As is usual with a global war, everyone tries to take their chances while their enemy is distracted.

    I’d be willing to bet that less than half of Clinton’s supporters could name two cities in Syria, but still these fuckers are out voting for this lunatic. Get ready, sanctimonious leftists are fixing to get us all killed.

  • Anoyster

    Ol’ Arnie Schwarz did a big twitter post how he can’t vote republican for the first time ever because of what Donnie said. The hight of hypocrisy is astounding since we all know what a poon hound Arnie is.

    • The Night Rider

      Lol Schwarzenegger has his finger on the pulse of whatever is trending. If Trump was destroying Clinton, he’d be all over him and endorsing him. Not even the maids are safe with old Arnold…

    • Slater93

      I think you should look up the definition of consensual sex


    Man up Hankies. And try doin a manly movie ffs