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Girlie Man Paul Hogan Turned Down Violent Action Career

A new discovery has stripped Paul Hogan of the title of Most Australian Man Ever.  You see when Hogan made it big with those Crocodile Dundee movies, offers apparently started to come in to potentially join an even bigger league.  At the time Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were killing pissants by the truckload.

Their violent actions were popular.  And Paul Hogan could have had a piece of the action.  But he turned it down, according to an interview in the late 1980s. Here is what he told the magazine TV Week in 1988 (June 4th, page 11);

The movie scene is screaming out for the movie hero who doesn’t kill 75 people… less of those commandos, terminators, ex-terminators and squashers. Mick’s a good role model. There’s no malice in the fellow and he’s human. He’s not a wimp or a sissy just because he doesn’t kill people.

Well, to quote Meat Loaf… bullshit, motherfucker!  Basically Hogan is shitting on Arnold, Sly and probably Walter_B.  I don’t know, maybe the offers they were giving him were shitty and it was a dose of sour grapes or maybe Hogan is simply a girlie man!

Anyway, they should’ve given the role of Crocodile Dundee to the Australian Vernon Wells.  Now c’mon, you know that makes sense.  Especially if it was R-Rated.  When Hogan pulls a knife, you feel like he’s actually going to use it. Wells, on the other hand…

  • David Barber

    Paul Hogan began his career as a comedian and even had his own show back in Oz. I think he would have been better suited playing hard-boiled private detectives or veteran undercover cops involved in Lethal Weapon-type antics. I could imagine him in a film similar to 48 HRS where he plays a smart mouthed convict handcuffed to a tough cop played by Michael Madsen or Harvey Keitel.

    • David Barber

      Or a Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/The Nice Guys type movie.

  • Fred C Dobbs

    Whoever wrote this article is an IDIOT!!!!

    Paul Hogan is a legend, an Icon and has done more for Australia than nearly anyone!
    Show some respect!!

    Mick Dundee is as tough as they come….
    Rambo, John Matrix, John Mcclane and all these characters you talk about……ARE JUST CHARACTERS!!!

    Hears news for you…..
    Arnold couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.. Stallone and Willis the same..
    Vernon Wells is JUST AN ACTOR…he cannot even throw a punch!!!(watch him, its called editing)..

    Van Damme, Seagal, Bronson, Wayne, Norris and all the other fighters turns actors and are dying out… They could do it for real..

    Even Bogart and Robinson were only acting tough… They are NOT tough!

    I love all these actors and their movies….

    I cannot stand the soft crap that is made today and how actors are made to look tough when anybody who knows combat can see they can’t even throw a punch…

    But to call Paul Hogan a Girlie Man is pathetic….
    He is a hero!!!

    Get over yourself…

    • This doesn’t change my opinion of Paul. I still love Hogan!

      • Fred C Dobbs

        Glad to hear!!

    • David Barber

      I agree. He was a funny guy.

  • Der

    Was a comedian not an action hero love mick Dundee we had enough action heroes didn’t need Paul hogan running around shooting people he’s as manly as ever and as Fred c says all those other action stars are just acting tough there not really tough bar a few Connery ,bronson,Norris,Marvin but as much as I love them let’s be honest most would get there Jaw broke in a real fight.

  • Jacob Phillips

    I remember hearing or reading something like this a while back. Hard to believe Hogan wouldn’t have been willing to bust a few more heads if the scripts had been up to scratch.

  • Barney Ross

    Wow that was pathetic!! For the longest time i wondered why he never made R rated films……….I still love Croc Dundee 1 and 2 but like MrT, he is wrong about violence.

  • look, here’s what I got out of this article: Arnold & Sly have got the violent actioners under control & handled. He wants to separate himself from them cause his career would never get off the ground or he’d never make a name for himself. He would never escape their spotlight That’s just what it sounds like to me

    He wants to do his own thing & go in another direction C’mon, he still wore that ridiculous attire meeting the princess…….