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Steve Martin Forced To Delete ‘Sexist’ Carrie Fisher Tweet

Every now and again, a certain brand of people somehow manage to shock and disgust you, after you swore that last time it could get no worse.  Steve Martin has been forced to delete a ‘sexist’ Tweet, where he complimented the late Carrie Fisher on her intelligence and… wait for it, good looks.

A perfectly reasonable Tweet that reflects the sentiments of many of us.  However, then came the extremists, who not only said it was bad but ‘extremely bad’.

Of course there were more Tweets and a ton of replies from the usual extremists masquerading as moderates, which forced Martin to the delete the Tweet.  Fellas, it’s shit like this which led to James Woods quitting Twitter. Anyway, I’m just going to leave this here;

  • John

    Martin VOLUNTARILY deleting his post = forced.

    Only in crazy land.

    • The Night Rider

      I think we all know who the real crazies are here.

      • Der

        You spend a lot less time talking about movies and way more crime crying like a bitch over femi nazis these days ,grow a set of balls a stop giving a fuck what people you don’t agree with think ohh boo hoo my feelings have been offended by George clooney or women or ssshhhh no one give two fucks ,good old manly movies ,action ,violence ass kickings that’s what this site used to be about.

        • Jimmy Smith

          Agreed. What about a list of best action movies of 2016? or a review of Scott Adkins recent movie Eliminators. I mean who gives a flying fuck about this, it has fuck all to with “manly movies”.

          • AlTeo

            Because studios see these SJWs as a potential trend they can bank on and thus bombard us with movies that are cater made to this crowd more so than us Manly Movie fans. Less “Revenant”, more “Ghostbusters” 2016, and if your movie doesn’t adhere to their standards, prepare to get critically bashed by the elitists. I really can’t blame Night, or anyone sane for that matter, for being pissed off at this turn of events.

            On the other hand, Der has a point. I don’t think anyone should be giving these self-entitled SJW crybabies any sort of attention even if they do truly retarded shit sometimes. They should just hole up in a ditch somewhere and die a quiet, unremarkable, useless death.

          • Jimmy Smith

            What does any of that have to do with manly movies? instead of worrying about “ghostbusters”, it flopped anyway because it was a shit movie. They care about making money, period. So if all the action movies we like and praise make money they’ll make more of them. So go and support these movies anyway you can. Also its almost the end of 2016, how about a best of list? Instead of some pissy article about how someone on twitter was offended.

          • Der

            Yes what he said ,stop the not very manly crying about things you don’t like action movies yes ,ohh my feelings are hurt no.

  • Just Some Polack

    Goddamnit, Steve! I mean, I know you’re not an alpha… but to be a pussy to THAT extent?!

  • John Ashton

    I don’t see anything wrong with his words. People like to just moan about anything, but it’s always only a select few who have nothing better to do. Bloody PC fuckers. Steve Martin rocks, he should tell them to grow up or shut up – or both!

  • Mucho Macho

    I really miss James Woods on Twitter.
    He was fucking great. Really funny at times
    I think it was a mistake for him to quit.
    You are just encouraging these psychos to keep going

  • Mucho Macho

    Steve Martin was actually friends with Carrie Fisher.
    He actually said then when he first saw her he thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world and then he found her to be beautiful on the inside as well…. How the fuck is this a bad thing?!?!?!?!?!

    These femi-nazi social justice Warriors and politically correct police officers have just lost their fucking minds!
    They are no better, no different, than the so-called right-wing, witch hunting, book burning monsters they claim to be better than.
    They are actually worst. They see something “offensive” in everything.

    These pathetic, censoring, mental patients should have gotten a dildo for Christmas so that they would have an orgasm and lighten the fuck up!

    By the way if I offended anyone with my comment…
    I will delete it as soon as I start giving a shit

    • John

      Martin’s allowed to say whatever he wants.
      Other people are allowed to criticize or praise what he said.
      You’re allowed to criticize the criticizers.
      Nobody’s free speech has been violated here.

      • Mucho Macho

        “Martin’s allowed to say what he wants”
        Sane people know that

        ” Other people are allowed to criticize or praise what he said”
        That is not the point, the point is when a comment elicits a negative reaction that is way far removed from what the actual point of the comment was to the point that your integrity as an individual gets question. Now because of that simple, normal, heartfelt tweet, in the eyes of many crazies, Steve Martin is just a sexist asshole.

        ” you’re allowed to criticize the criticizers”
        Shitting on them is a pleasure I assure you

        “Nobody’s Free Speech has been violated here”
        and yet every time one says something, one is forced or one feels the need to delete a quote or apologize due to extensive backlash from the social justice warriors.

        • John

          “That is not the point, the point is when a comment elicits a negative
          reaction that is way far removed from what the actual point of the
          comment was to the point that your integrity as an individual gets

          Martin’s comment was innocuous. But something tells me you’d just as soon defend Mel’s “If you get raped by a pack of niggers it’s your own fault” line as being similarly trivial and complain about social justice warriors reacting negatively.

          • Mucho Macho

            Social justice Warriors annoying me… if that bothers you .. Too bad

            2 things regarding your Gibson commment.
            Whenever somebody says something like that it’s not defending what the actual person said. Is everybody acting holier-than-thou. If you want to sit in your computer and act like you never crossed the street when you saw somebody “different” coming in the same direction as you or said anything offensive that’s fine by me, be my guest, I don’t believe you but you’re more than entitled to.

            Btw Johnny chances are I probably been around more minorities than you… Y tengo una cultura y vida mas amplia de que tu te imaginas.
            Oh wait, sorry, for going to another language, what I meant was that I have more of a broader culture & life than you think.
            Some of us just don’t need to pat ourselves on the back.

            Here’s 1 thing that I truly, truly believe. Those that pat themselves on the back every 5 minutes for being liberal live the least diverse lives. It’s very easy to preach from Ivory Towers.

      • jim

        Bollocks .He deleted because he was too pussy to withstand the lesbo-betamale shitfit…and so everyone else censors themselves because after all, who wants to go looking for trouble.?.Your attitude is like that of any thought police in any fascist state..but the real failing is Martin’s..No courage at all. Fear of alienating any demographic, no matter how deranged that demographic might be , is the death of free speech . So who has stoked up this fear? That’s the real enemy and your posts here suggest that you hail from their ranks..

  • Mucho Macho

    Btw… Anyone who knew of Carrie Fisher knew of her sense of humor and her story. Does this sound like a fucking woman that will be offended by Steve Martin’s tweet, who was her fucking friend by the way.

  • Der

    Stupid thing is fisher would have loved the tweet she had a good sense of humour especially about her self a didn’t need anyone to fight her corner for her