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The Top Ten Manliest Movies Of 2016

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10) Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water flew under the radar for the most part this year.  Which is a pity because it is one the better and certainly manliest movies that came out.

It has a good cast including Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges on wonderful form as a Sheriff pursuing two brothers.  They hitting small banks in order to pay off their family home which is facing foreclosure.  A good thing about this dark comedy is that it reminds us that the real is committed by rotten to the core financiers who screw people out of their belongings.

Good action, comedy that actually amuses and one of Jeff Bridges’ best performances since The Dude.

9) Train to Busan

This is solid proof of why we should not underestimate South Korean cinema anymore. This is a zombie film crossed with an intense disaster picture, and a pretty darn good one. Despite having a lack of gore, writer/director Yeon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan delivers with the R-rated intensity and humanism both World War Z and TWD wishes they had, respectively.

The film is ferocious in its suspense and thrills once the first attack commences, rarely letting up. These zombies run fast and bite hard, and the intensity is captured well here and with energy by Yeon with mostly stable camera shots and tight close-ups to emphasize the claustrophobia of being cramped in a crowded train corridor; with a standout scene involving survivors crawling in the overhead baggage compartments to avoid the zombies shambling about below.


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