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The Top Ten Manliest Movies Of 2016

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10) Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water flew under the radar for the most part this year.  Which is a pity because it is one the better and certainly manliest movies that came out.

It has a good cast including Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges on wonderful form as a Sheriff pursuing two brothers.  They hitting small banks in order to pay off their family home which is facing foreclosure.  A good thing about this dark comedy is that it reminds us that the real is committed by rotten to the core financiers who screw people out of their belongings.

Good action, comedy that actually amuses and one of Jeff Bridges’ best performances since The Dude.

9) Train to Busan

This is solid proof of why we should not underestimate South Korean cinema anymore. This is a zombie film crossed with an intense disaster picture, and a pretty darn good one. Despite having a lack of gore, writer/director Yeon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan delivers with the R-rated intensity and humanism both World War Z and TWD wishes they had, respectively.

The film is ferocious in its suspense and thrills once the first attack commences, rarely letting up. These zombies run fast and bite hard, and the intensity is captured well here and with energy by Yeon with mostly stable camera shots and tight close-ups to emphasize the claustrophobia of being cramped in a crowded train corridor; with a standout scene involving survivors crawling in the overhead baggage compartments to avoid the zombies shambling about below.


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  • Craig Richards

    13 Hours #1……..Blood Father stays at #2
    Happy New Year all you ugly bastards!! Stay Manly for ’17

  • jim

    Haven’t seen most of these…didn’t think much of Nice Guys…Hell And High Water is great…but from what I’ve seen this year the best new movie is easily Triple 9… Do Green Room & Bone Tomahawk count as 2015? If not, they should be on the list too..

    • Green Room should be on this list

      UPDATE: Green Room is a horror/thriller to me

    • AlTeo

      I count both Green Room and Bone Tomahawk as 2015… So is The Revenant. It’s a bit annoying how some of these films are released either for awards season or through Video on Demand after a festival run the previous year…

    • The Night Rider

      I think Bone is 2015 and might have been on last year’s list.

  • Mucho Macho

    I have not seen 3 movies on the list.
    Haven’t seen “The Siege of Jadotville”, “Hell or High Water” & “Train to Busan”. Chances are I’m going to like those movies specially I think “Hell or high water”.
    I like all the movies that I saw on the list so I think it’s a good list.

    2 Mel Gibson movies in 1 year. All I can say is “All hail King Mel”

    • Der

      Hell or high water is great I really liked deep water horizon as well great disaster movie

      • Mucho Macho

        I need to watch Hell or High Water ASAP


    Where’s Ghostbusters lol

  • Mucho Macho

    There are some other movies that deserve mention & some love. Here are a few films from 2016 I like that in my humble opinion deserve a nod as well.
    Mucho Macho presents..
    Manly Movies from 2016 that deserve a look👀

    🔫”Jack Reacher: Never Go Back ”
    I am a fan of Tom Cruise. I appreciate the effort he puts into his movies. Let’s face it, after so many years & so many millions, so many start to phone things in cough cough Bruce Willis cough cough but Cruise still tries & I appreciate that. I thought this was a cool sequel.

    🔫”The Accountant”
    Ben Affleck ( who was a good Batman IMO) stars in this movie about a complex individual who is a human calculator, suffers from mental illnesses like O.C.D. & is a hitman.
    The cast also includes JK Simmons, the ever reliable John Lithgow, Anna Krendrick & the latest Punisher Jon Bernthal.

    This movie came & went without much fanfare earlier in the year. It’s a science fiction/action/drama that stars Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman & a man that went from “Hollywood’s Golden Boy” to at times ridiculed, underrated talent Kevin Costner.
    I’m a fan of the Kevin Costner/ Kurt Russell movie “3000 miles to Graceland” & in that movie Costner played a badguy which I think he does very well.
    Here Reynolds is a CIA agent on a mission in London tracking down a shadowy hacker nicknamed “The Dutchman.” When he gets mysteriously ambushed and killed, an experimental procedure is used to transfer his memories into dangerous ex-convict Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner).

    🔫”Jason Bourne”
    Not the best entry in the series, it was actually more of the same in my opinion but it wasn’t as god-awful as some people made it out to be. I enjoyed it for what it was.

    🔫”The Magnificent Seven”
    Obviously it’s not as manly or as cool as the original because that cast was legendary and iconic but I feel this one did its job and I was entertained by it. Good shootouts and some good performances by the cast.
    Hopefully Hollywood will get behind more westerns but they love their “Everybody should be gay” agenda and this genre of film does not lend itself a lot to that. We already had one “Brokeback Mountain” and I don’t think they can make a franchise out of that. “Brokeback Mountain 2: The Anal Strikes Back”
    No thanks

    🔫”Triple 9″
    Very cool movie. Deserves to be rediscovered by fans of this type of genre. Casey Affleck was really good in this. He really can be a good actor but his brother gets all the press & credit.

    🔫”Green Room”
    Patrick Stewart is a badass in this.
    Very cool little movie.

    🔫”Don’t Breath”
    Three idiots from Detroit decided to break into the home of a blind man, not knowing that this blind man is Steven Lang. Even without the gift of sight, Lang ia a manly badass who opens a can of whoop-ass on these motherfuckers. Very well made horror movie.

    Star Ryan Reynolds & filmmakers behind the movie fought with the studio to make it an R rated film. Kudos to them for that. Entertaining movie IMO.
    Cool flick. Reynolds was born to play this kinda part.

    🔫”Close Range”
    This movie came out in 2015 I believe but I didn’t see it until this year so I’m going to cheat a little. If you want to watch a movie where guy kicks ass for 80 something minutes, I think this movie is it. I’m a big Scott Adkins fan and I believe he was born at the wrong time, if this were the eighties and nineties he would be a much bigger star.
    In this movie he goes out to rescue his niece from the Mexican cartel after he does the cartel seeks revenge. Good fighting throughout the picture, simple Kickass movie straight to the point.
    You won’t see it at the Oscars but you’ll find it in my living room playing all the time.

    🔫”Star Wars: Rogue one”
    That’s right. After pretty much watching the piece of cinematic shit that was “Independence Day Resurrection” I was in the mood to watch some good science fiction space adventure.
    After watching this movie I am so glad Lucas decided to let other people have a crack at Star Wars. This movie is the more “adult” Star Wars film since “Empire Strikes Back”. Yes it does feature a female lead But FelicityJones is nowhere near the annoying bitch that the girl was from “The Force Awakens” was.
    Saw it on Imax 3D & for a change I wasn’t disappointed.
    Darth Vader was back being a complete and utter badass and not the pussy from the Lucas trilogy.
    Thumbs Up from me.👍👍

    • AlTeo

      Rogue One was surprisingly good, I did like Jason Bourne a bit more than I should but I quite enjoyed The Magnificent Seven, a bit too PC with its diverse casting but shootouts were good and the body count was staggeringly high (someone counted north of 270!). Nice Guys is an overlooked film in my opinion and it may be a future cult classic down the road.

      Blood Father was fucking awesome, Hacksaw Ridge probably won’t see a release in Malaysia due to its religious characters (yes, Malaysia bans films this way), but me and a few buddies plan to travel either to Thailand or Singapore to catch it appropriately in a theater once it’s out to support King Gibson.

      On the Asian side of manly movies Train to Busan rocks. I haven’t yet seen Headshot starring Iko Uwais nor the South Korean films Asura: The City of Madness and Kim Jee-Woon’s The Age of Shadows, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

      • Mucho Macho

        Damn that sucks about “Hacksaw Ridge”
        But there are a lot of people in the states that want to ban films like that as well over here😡
        I need to catch up on my manly South Korean films..
        I am way way behind

        • Jacob Phillips

          Green Room would be in my top ten. The Accountant was pretty good as well. Rampage President Down deserves a bit more love in my opinion tho. As for a lot of the others you guys have mentioned I’ve not seen them yet. Mark Kermode put Criminal in his top 5 or 10 worst movies of 2016, so its probably pretty good as the guy’s a fucking idiot.

          • Mucho Macho

            I haven’t watched” Rampage: President Down”. I’ve been running around very busy and I have to admit I even forgot about it, thanks for reminding me. “Criminal” is not a masterpiece but I thought it was an entertaining movie. I liked the performances and it’s an action movie that did its job just IMO.

  • Jimmy Smith

    Fav Action movies of 2016

    Blood Father
    Kickboxer: Vengeance
    Never Back Down 3
    The Purge: Election year
    Mechanic: Resurrection
    Magnificent 7
    The Accountant
    Ip Man III
    Deepwater Horizon

    – Didn’t include Green Room or Hell or High Water because IMO there more horror/thriller and drama respectively but still some of my overall favs along with Don’t Breathe.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Jason Bourne
    The Take
    Hardcore Henry
    Triple 9

  • Eric Hutchison

    You’re right about Michael Bay and 13 Hours. I’m a self-professed Bay hater, and the only movie I ever cared for was The Rock. He redeemed himself greatly with 13 Hours, and I can only hope he’ll take on more projects like that. He seemed to take this one seriously since it was based on true events, and it showed.

  • David Barber

    Jason Bourne was a good manly film. Despite the poor plot, Damon still showed his chops as an action man and there were some juicy fight scenes.

    • Barney Ross

      PG13 is NOT manly and never will

      • David Barber

        At least Hard Target 2 was. Even though it wasn’t released in the cinemas (only as VOD), it featured the wonderful Scott Adkins who would have creamed Matt Damon in a fight any day of the week.

  • Barney Ross

    Good list i liked all movies on that list chap, here’s my take on it:

    Similar to your list Knightrider!! I’d just switch London has Fallen in number 1.