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Trailer: Epic Cage Trolling In ‘Arsenal’

Here’s the trailer for ‘Arsenal’, an upcoming dose of VODmit that could probably be saved by Nicolas Cage, who often bails out these types of movies.

In the movie, directed by Steven C. Miller, ‘A Southern mobster tries to rescue his kidnapped brother’.  John Cusack is also in the movie, so this should tell you what kind of deal we have here, hey, ‘it’s 2016’, as certain people say.

However, what about that trolljob by Nicolas Cage?  And that fucking wig?  Epic as fuck and we haven’t even seen the movie yet!  Cage is best when he’s in serious ‘thrillers’ and not actual comedies.  I can tell you, man, that one of the last time I was in tears laughing was earlier in the year or last year when I watched the movie Trespass.

There’s a scene in that movie where Cage is abducted and his kidnappers hoist him onto a table and threaten to stab him unless he gives them a code, it was hysterical.

Here’s the trailer, this movie arrives January 6th.