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Cameron To Pull The Terminator Out Of The Toilet?

Everyone probably still has the bad taste of Terminator: Genisys lingering in their mouths.  The taste of piss — Jim Cameron has described the soup as having been ‘pissed in’.  A lot have said that James Cameron is the only man to save the franchise. Will that happen?

Deadline reports that Cameron is going to oversee a new, final movie.

Cameron is said to be in early talks with Deadpool director Tim Miller to direct the project.  I haven’t seen that movie, but many have praised it.

David Ellison, who produced and financed the last film, is reportedly financing an effort that includes bringing in expensive science fiction authors to find the movie creatively. Ellison still retains many rights to the property.

Sounds like a possible similar situation to Sanctum, a movie directed by Alister Grierson but heavily mentored by Cameron.  That was a good movie, by the way, far too underrated.  And if you’re stuck for a good 3D movie and have a 3DTV, get that one.  Aside from being a good disaster movie, it also has Avatar-level 3D effects.