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The Predator (2018) Logo Leaked?

Some artwork/previs material/probable placeholder material has appeared on Proof Inc for The Predator.  Not exactly huge news, but it’s a timely reminder that another Predator movie is happening.

You can see the rest of their work here.

This is the kind of movie where any news about it, to me, is fun.  It’s almost certainly going to be better than Predators and is going to be the first movie (aside from that one) since Predator 2, 27 fuckin’ years ago!

The only thing so far that isn’t looking too impressive is the cast, although we’re only hearing about support roles I think.  Aside from Boyd Holbrook, is really good in Narcos.

A while back TheHollywoodReporter claimed that the movie was set in suburbia, although writer/director Shane Black denied this or at least denied that it was entirely set in suburbia.  For all we know such scenes could merely be of a guy like Holbrook leaving his house.

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  • As of today and with all the news we have on it I still have no opinion whatsoever on this film. No expectations. There just isn’t enough information yet

  • Jacob Phillips

    Fuck, is it 27 years since Predator 2 came out?

    • AlTeo

      The first film itself will turn 30 years old come June 12th…

    • Der

      I rented it on pirate video from my local video van who came round once a night 50 p remember getting it no cover just blank video with predator 2 written on it couldn’t wait to watch it mad how fast 27 years fly past

  • Austrian Oak

    Love the way this site is building up the buzz for this movie,reminds me of the way magazines did it in the 80s and 90s.

  • Austrian Oak

    About the casting:I remember when Predator 2 was announced I was reading a magazine called “Starlog” and they were slowly adding snippets. Loved it till I heard about the casting. No Dutch but Danny Glover and a bunch of nonames. Hated the casting when it was announced but damn did they prove me wrong. Danny was badass and Bill Paxton became one of my all time favourites through this movie. Here’s hope of history repeating with the new movie,maybe they’ll give us the next Bill Paxton with this one.

  • Mullakrekar

    ALL interest has been killed for this for me. One moronic, shitty decision after another. Above all the completely worthless cast. Where’s Arnie, Dolph, Jean-Claude, Tom Jane, Stallone, Chris Lambert, Michael Biehn, etc, etc.