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Their Faces Say It All!

At the Golden Globes this past weekend, a show created for handing out awards for exceptional entertainment and such, Meryl Streep decided to attack the President Elect of the United States.  During the millionaire’s tirade, she lambasted Trump for allegedly mocking a disabled person, which was debunked itself.

In attendance were Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn, their expressions as found by @jackmurphy;

Lol, Vaugn looks like he wants to shank her. Interesting that Meryl Streep would have a problem with Trump, since she’s the same person who gave the notorious sex beast and rapist pedophile Roman Polanksi a standing ovation in 2003!  Therefore her morals are oddly in fluctuation.

  • Gabriel Carvalho

    yeah right lol . c mon guys …lets be serious . Faces ? Post some real news please . Forget Meryl and focus on Mel Gibson and Stallone last night .Thats what you are good at

  • Ben

    She wasn’t even talking about Trump at this point, you idiots. She was talking about Tommy Lee Jones. You all got triggered for nothing! (4:50 mark)

  • Mucho Macho

    Something tells me that if I keep shitting on Hillary Clinton & the incredibly charitable Clinton Foundation, I am going to have “car troubles” soon

    • ColonelBobi

      What did you do with FPS Russia Mucho? Is he in your basement? Or did Hillary have him sent to Guantanamo?

  • Mucho Macho

    That’s how real men look when they’re bored to death.
    *Gibson glances over to see if she’s done & wonders what the fuck has she yapping about all this time?
    * Vaughn thinks to himself
    ” if I wonder if I throw this knife at her will I be arrested”

    Any man who has had to endure a lecture from a woman or from someone they don’t like, look just like that.
    Any man that has to sit through or has had to go to something that they didn’t want, look just like that.

    If you claim otherwise you are a fucking liar or a fucking pussy

    So many times all I have running through my mind is this⤵

  • Der

    Since meryl Streep or Donald are neither manly or have an action movie coming out why are they on this site ,please stop and just stick to movies please there’s other sites if I want a political agenda shoved down my neck

    • This is one of the few conservative entertainment sites online. What *I* don’t want to see are snowflakes in the comments.

      • Jacob Phillips

        Well said.

      • Vincent Everett

        I like action movies. I don’t care about this political agenda.

      • Der

        Snow predicted in the weather forecast this weekend

      • Austrian Oak

        I agree,it’s a gem and it’s a pity there aren’t more conservative movie sites. Still it should stay a movie site.Let the Lefties float their sites with politics we have more important things to focus on-like the Sensei’s new release. While focusing on a speech some liberal granny gave we missed what’s important in live like if anybody has seen Seagals “contract to kill” it came out in the US last month even had a tiny theatrical release

    • Lt_Cobretti

      I’m not overly fond of it either, but it’s simple; don’t read it, read the articles relevant to you. Every other entertainment site runs articles with the opposite agenda so it’s only fair to let the other side get a word in, and I say this as someone who considers himself a ‘leftist’.

      Now if it was an article about a trailer for a non-political movie and the author brought up politics then you’d have a point, but it’s not.

      • Vincent Everett

        It´s silly because they are preaching like the actors.

      • Der

        Good point well said I’ll duck the political post from now on but it’s getting harder as there getting more and more common

    • jim

      Why don’t you just fuck off then?…or maybe you just enjoy being here getting pissed on by me..? We all know how fucked up you shinners are..

      • Der

        That’s some strange perverted shit pissing on an other man you really are billy bitch cakes

        • jim

          You see what you want to see…?..Funny coming from a shinner..they always sound like a cross between Jimmy Saville and Pol Pot..Gerry Adams tweeting about his rubber duckies in the bath and all that…What are you mad fuckers on?

  • Austrian Oak

    About a year ago this site has been a great source of entertainment and a manly place to meditate with fellow Seagalogists,troll with fellow Rage Cagers and worship Mel’s invincible goatee. The main topic was manly movies,now it’s main topic seems to be politics. Seriously this really kills the fun. I get the comic book movie embargo but what this site really needs is a no politics politic. (No pun intended)

    • Der

      Well said oak

  • Jacob Phillips

    Love it.

  • Goro

    Although many of you are not satisfied with this type of news on manlymovie, I find it very entertaining and refreshing. It is fun to watch at those actors that we like “behind the scenes” and I do appreciate news like that to see where they stand.
    Although Schwarzenegger has been my favorite actor of all time, after he celebrated gay “marriage” thing, I do not have respect towards him….although I understand that he may be a sellout on this subject.

    • Der

      That’s great to know

  • The Night Rider
    • Kirk’s Toupee

      Liberals love talking shit…unless the shit is shoveled their way. Then the diapers come out.

  • Republicant

    Gibson didnt vote trump or hilary. He voted for gary johnson.

  • Max Borg

    Couple things:

    A) Gibson is famously anti-Trump, he was actually listening attentively (something that is an alien concept to most users of this site, I realize).

    B) Trump did mock the reporter, and even lied his ass off about not knowing him or having ever met him, even though they were on a first-name basis throughout the ’90s.

    C) Polanski is not a pedophile. Do your research before posting biased bullshit.

    • jim

      A) Gibson is anti Trump but he is also very sceptiical about politicicized hollywood and I suggest it is likely he disaproves of la Streep speechifying to the gallery and pretending that it takes courage to do so.
      B) Trump says he did not know the reporter was disabled. I believe him.There is plenty of footage of him making the same gestures at other events and on other subjects ..It’s part of his shtick.
      C) Polanski is not a pedophile but he is a pederast..I take it you are not defending pederasty?

      • Mucho Macho

        C) “Polanski is not a pedophile”
        **In a 2003 interview, she recalled that she began to feel uncomfortable after he asked her to lie down on a bed, and described how she attempted to resist. “I said, ‘No, no. I don’t want to go in there. No, I don’t want to do this. No!’, and then I didn’t know what else to do,” she stated, adding: “We were alone and I didn’t know what else would happen if I made a scene. So I was just scared, and after giving some resistance, I figured well, I guess I’ll get to come home after this”

        Geimer testified that Polanski provided champagne that they shared as well as part of a quaalude ,and despite her protests, he performed oral, vaginal, and anal sex acts upon her,each time after being told ‘no’ and being asked to stop..

        On March 10, 1977, Polanski, then aged 43, became embroiled in a scandal involving 13-year-old Samantha Jane Gailey (now Samantha Geimer). [11] A grand jury charged Polanski with five charges:
        -rape by use of drugs
        -lewd and lascivious act upon a child under fourteen
        -furnishing a controlled substance to a minor.**

        & we are the assholes?!?!?!
        Hey she was 13 so I guess it’s okay.
        That’s why a lot of times I don’t even bother with these sick fucks. It’s like trying to teach cats to bark.
        It’s fucking pointless

        • jim

          I guess we all throw these words around a bit too easily..Technically, a pedophile interferes with pre-pubescents..thats younger than thirteen….and pederasty is understood to be homosexual in nature…but it is a fact that the left seems to be determined to sexualize children. There are all sorts of crazy things you won’t be told about unless you know where to look.

          These are the same people who presume to judge us.

          • Mucho Macho

            Yeah I know but at the same time we got guys that point that technicality out to make his crime or his nature seem less evil. Even if there’s a political difference, Some motherfuckers just don’t need to be defended.

            Imagine if your 13 year old daughter came to you and said that she has a boyfriend & you think is a classmate from school and a motherfucker in his 40 shows up. I don’t care what the cops or psychiatrist label him.
            All I know it’s two words… Charles motherfucking Bronson🏃🔫

          • jim

            Thing is..the left protects it’s own..No Conservative politician could survive even the most tangental association with these kinds of attitudes and policies but the figures named in the articles are still players…. Alec Baldwin loses his rag and calls some pap a “toxic little queen” and he gets away with it but if Mel does it tomorrow he’s right back in the shithouse..
            I feel the jig is up for Hollywood as an opinion leader..They didn’t do HRC any good and their Trumpophobia is alienating everyone..Defending the likes of Polanski has consequences..Their stock is falling fast..good for us.

          • Mucho Macho

            Hollywood is a weird industry unto itself. I have work for people and with people on and off for years and I don’t know which way they go politically and yet these people are very open with their politics . I mean if you are working at a warehouse you’re not told ” Hey man if you want to move those boxes you better be with this party”

            The problem with Hollywood it’s not only the stances that they take but their hypocrisy in those stances. The whole point of being the “tolerant”
            is the inclusion of those that are different from you and yet these people are completely intolerant of anybody that has a different opinion. They would be best served if they allow republican & conservative voices to be heard. In which case the industry would come across like an industry with different opinions rather than a one-sided propaganda machine.

            & you are right about Baldwin. That mofo loses his cool everyday with somebody & he gets a pass

  • Goro
  • Jacob Phillips

    Just watched her speech and it made me fucking sick. Hypocritical,self-important little twat.

  • Jake

    Vince appears pissed but Mel just looks like he’s being shown the new Resident Evil trailer.