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Trailer: Wolf Warriors 2 (2017)

I have to say I’ve kind of slept on Asian action over the years, but I’m definitely starting to take it more seriously these days.  Another movie is coming down the pipe in the form of a sequel to the Scott Adkins-starring Wolf Warriors.  Above is the trailer for Wolf Warriors 2, below some character posters.

The Chinese are also giving it a little western bump this time around too.  The last one featured Scott Adkins, this one will feature Frank Grillo.

The film has also expanded out to shoot some scenes in Africa (there’s actually a strong Chinese presence on the continent) as well as China.  It’ll be released in August 2017 in China with later dates to be revealed for other territories.

Although we have Jake and AlTeo in the East who might hopefully give us an early verdict.

Thank To: Sergei