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UPDATED: Escape Plan 2 Filming In Weeks

UPDATED: Here’s a quick update on this.  This movie is happening, and soon.  According to Omega Underground, very soon.  March 20th.  See below.

PREVIOUSLY: Some positive news emerged last week that Arnold may re-join Sylvester Stallone in an Escape Plan sequel.  The first movie was fucking awesome, so it’ll be good if Arnold says yes.

Now, some further news.

Steven C. Miller has been hired to direct the movie according to Tracking Board.  Miller’s recent directing credits include Mauraders and Extraction.

The second movie is also said to be a Sino-U.S. production, it’ll also feature some Chinese story elements.  Hopefully it’ll also have a hefty budget, I’m assuming that it will.

So… Escape Plan series, better than The Expendables?

  • Mucho Macho

    So the director of two Bruce Willis DTV movies…

    • Lt_Cobretti

      To be fair, they were two of the better made ones, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

      • Mucho Macho

        Keep in mind my friend..
        ” A troll a day can keep the doctor away”

        It’s goood for the soul.😂

        I hope he does well.
        It’s all 1 can do.
        Like you wrote, cautiously optimistic.

  • Mainline DnB

    Yep, lost all interest in this now with Miller. That means one thing, a DTV or extremely small release. I doubt Stallone will be in this.

  • Goro

    Escape Plan was terrible and boring movie. Why bother with sequel?

  • Andymovieman

    I hope its as good as the first. And I hope they get a good villain to fight against like they did with jim Caviezel and Vinnie Jones.

  • jim

    Escape Plan was no great shakes….

  • Barney Ross

    Who gives a shit??? Tango and cash (the prison scene) is 100x better than Escape plan, also Fortress (1993) is also 10x better. Nobody asked for this shit, i dont even want to buy that escape plan movie, it was barely ok and Stallone & Schwarzenegger are my 2 favorite actor, fail.

    We want EXPENDABLES 4 with JOHN WOO

    • Der

      Arnie and sly running in slow mo with doves flying around yawn, get a gritty dirty director woos time is up seen one woo shot out seen them all last big action movie he made was the worst of the mission impossible movies

      • Barney Ross

        WTF are you talking about??? Windtalkers is a masterpiece and Red CLiff is great, WOO is a legend and hes making an action movie in 2017 called MANHUNT. 30 Million budget. You dont know shit faggot

        • Der

          Angry woo fan windtalkers was ok at best manhunt really red cliff snore feast feel as sleep half way threw sorry pal some people are just out of time Oliver stone stops being the angry paronoid filmmaker that give us platoon and became the crumpy old man that Gave us snowden woo was the cutting edge director of classics like hard boiled and a better tomorrow now he’s an old man nocking out snore feasts like red cliff or b movie slock like black jack just gotta live with it angry little whinge bag wouldn’t even waist a closed fist for a little bitch like you back of the hand across the face would shut you up.

        • Der

          Also windtalkers a masterpiece fuck off ,die hard is a masterpiece,jaws is a masterpiece,the great escape is a masterpiece,American ninja 2 the confrontation is a masterpiece I’d hate to see your DVD collection bet windtalkers is sitting pride and place next to your twilight box set

  • Jacob Phillips

    I liked Escape Plan, sounds like a bad choice director-wise though.