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UPDATED: Escape Plan 2 Filming In Weeks

UPDATED: Here’s a quick update on this.  This movie is happening, and soon.  According to Omega Underground, very soon.  March 20th.  See below.

PREVIOUSLY: Some positive news emerged last week that Arnold may re-join Sylvester Stallone in an Escape Plan sequel.  The first movie was fucking awesome, so it’ll be good if Arnold says yes.

Now, some further news.

Steven C. Miller has been hired to direct the movie according to Tracking Board.  Miller’s recent directing credits include Mauraders and Extraction.

The second movie is also said to be a Sino-U.S. production, it’ll also feature some Chinese story elements.  Hopefully it’ll also have a hefty budget, I’m assuming that it will.

So… Escape Plan series, better than The Expendables?