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A Note On The Comments Section

Starting sometime this month, Disqus will be introducing adverts in their comments sections.  So this post is to inform readers of that and to point out that these are not ManlyMovie’s adverts.  You can see the notification below;

We emailed you last week about upcoming changes. Starting February 8, publishers running the free-to-use version of Disqus will be supported by advertising. If ads are not a good fit for your site, we now offer a version that gives you the option to remove advertising altogether for a monthly subscription of $10.

We’re excited to hear from you. If you are interested in the new subscription version of Disqus, please click below and we will reach out to you.

These were supposed to appear on the 8th, but I cannot see them as yet.  I think we should stay with Disqus, I like the ease of use, ability to post gifs and YouTube videos etc.  But if the new ads become too bothersome and intrusive, I’ll pay to have them removed.

Any other adverts seen on the site are mostly used to cover server, domain and firewall costs etc.  One other thing, it’ll probably be a quiet month on the site the rest of February… got shit to do!

  • Jacob Phillips

    Loving the choice of picture for this one.

  • Mucho Macho

    I like Disqus as well.
    Keep it.
    Makes it easier to keep conversations going.

  • Mucho Macho

    ” Got shit to do”
    Sounds like some chick is riding The Night Rider full time now
    Good 4 you bro👍😂

  • Adverts won’t bother me. I can put up with it Night to keep you from paying the silly $10 a month.

    Before you go dark, we’re gonna need your John Wick Chapter 2 review. That is all…..

  • Anoyster

    Disqus getting greedy but I do have to admit that out of all third party comment sections it’s the most convenient to use, let’s have a look and see what the ads are like and hopefully they aren’t too intrusive.

  • crocop97

    Adblocker should deal with them easily

  • Severely OT: how come no review for ‘Sleepless’? Curious about this

  • anony

    I like the post as a guest option, not many services offer it.

  • Der

    Listen nights she said she was 18 turned out younger could happen to anyone ,you serve your time like a man then come back and review movies

  • GWB 8219

    This is totally unrelated but I have been trying to figure out the title of a movie I saw years ago and hopefully it may sound familiar to someone. I saw it in the 80’s it was on TV I think it aired after airwolf one night. I was pretty young but I remember a big fight in the snow the U.S against Russia the soldiers were at some oil rig or something. It ended with cuts to regular people back home in both countries before nukes went off. If that sounds familiar to anyone and you know the title that wold be great.