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After 20 Years, The IMDb Is Closing Its Message Boards

After 20 years the IMDb has stated that it will be closing down its message boards.  Check out the official message below.

IMDb Message Boards Announcement

IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. As part of our ongoing effort to continually evaluate and enhance the customer experience on IMDb, we have decided to disable IMDb’s message boards on February 20, 2017. This includes the Private Message system. After in-depth discussion and examination, we have concluded that IMDb’s message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience for the vast majority of our more than 250 million monthly users worldwide. The decision to retire a long-standing feature was made only after careful consideration and was based on data and traffic.
Some of you will know that is a bastard child of a certain IMDb set of message boards, borne out of discussion of the original Expendables movie.  I noticed a bunch of guys who enjoyed old school action movies, freedom of speech, pussy and inebriation.  I decided to join the discussion, a blog (ManlyMovie) was inspired by these discussions.
Some of these guys are still around and visiting the site.  To those I haven’t been able to message on the IMDb for a while (such as AyeLewis), it’s because I’ve forgotten both yours and mine screen names.
Anyway, the IMDb message boards are a big loss.  They’re one of the last true bastions of the old internet, where communities self moderated.  I don’t know what’s going on here or why they’re getting rid of them, but I can only guess that it’s not a space issue, small text-driven boards cost practically nothing, especially when big studios are throwing money at the IMDb.
Maybe that’s the answer…

  • Haraldo
  • Just Some Polack

    R.I.P. IMDb 1990-2017

  • TheOldMcClane

    It’s about money, but not in any direct way. It’s political. They can’t handle opposing views. New Ghostbusters got trashed. People don’t trust phony corporate critics anymore, so they have to shut it down.

    • jim

      Partly that..the studios don’t want their product trashed…but it’s part of the culture wars too…..too much dissent for them to handle.

    • The Night Rider

      I think they’ll find that with the boards disappearing, so will much of the traffic. That’s the main reason I had for visiting that site anyway most of the time.

      I remember I had a board for this site hosted on ProBoards and I got constant emails asking me to delete certain topics in the off topic section. These were mostly political topics. I couldn’t believe that an admin would receive an email advising him on which opinions he could allow on his site.

      Eventually I got a new ‘request’ asking me to delete the off topic subforum entirely, when I told them to go fuck themselves they nuked the whole forum from orbit.

  • Pretty sad. I often search these boards for new news. Probably people complaining about too many personal attacks and their safe space being invaded.

    Unfortunately The Predator board was pretty underwhelming with hardly no news at all. It was just “The Platoon” against the same handful of people.

    Maybe they’ll come back before the end of the year……

  • Mucho Macho

    “…we have concluded that IMDb’s message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience..”
    Those message boards contain speech that can’t be included in their Socialist Utopia.

    • John

      The sad thing is you’re STILL thinking about the Ghostbusters remake
      while everyone else has forgotten about it and moved on. It’s all you rant about. A mediocre movie is living rent-free in your head.

      • Mucho Macho

        Oh No! I made a joke!
        How dare I?!?!
        I’m sorry..I apologize.
        I just can’t help it sometimes.
        My mom says I was just born an asshole.
        Many would agree.
        I promise I will try to limit the jokes I tell. I answer to you after all.
        Sorry if your feelings were hurt.
        It was never my intention.
        Take care & vote for Hillary

  • jim

    It’s closing because they don’t like what people are posting…despite the overwhelming presence of betapussies there is a strong resistance which they simply cannot tolerate… many newspapers are removing their comments sections too and for the same reasons ….this is purely political…They Can’t Handle The Truth !. … as for IMDB: they always pushed the corporate studio marketing in the most uncritical way…without the message boards it’s just an advertising site though it remains the most comprehensive way of checking credits.

  • Mucho Macho

    No matter how much you try to suppress the people,
    the people will rise and yell from the top of their lungs
    “Fuck you Paul Feig & your bullshit so-called Ghostbusters film!!”

  • Mucho Macho
  • Anoyster

    It’s a shame. I registered an account on IMDB in 2005 for those message boards and it has become a habit of mine whenever I look up movies or actors on that site (which is daily) I also peek at the message board to see what people are talking about relating to the movie/person. I’ll always be an old school forum guy over social media and the unpoliced (to an extent) nature of the IMDB boards was a definite strong suit.

  • ColonelBobi

    Pretty sad and a lame move to shut down such a low cost section of the site. I started my IMDB account 13 years ago to post on those boards (mainly the Commando board). Aside from looking up movies it’s the only part of IMDB I bother with.

    The irony of this particular thread has been proven right.

  • Jake

    I rarely visited the boards of new films anymore as those were usually swamped by kids or trolls looking for attention. But it was great to be able to check out the board of any older movie and see what fans had to say. It’s a damn shame the site is killing that option.

  • Barney Ross

    The GIRLY MAN are taking over, told you guys it is time to BOYCOTT ALL PG13 FILMS and also BOYCOTT ALL REMAKES, now you realise why i did all of this since 2009

  • Barney Ross

    Knightrider, it is time you open the board again dude. That’s the manly thing to do.