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Alien3 Director Wants To Helm World War Z Sequel

It was reported recently that Paramount had nixed a World War Z sequel from its slate.

Today, a new report has shed some light on the status of Brad Pitt‘s zombie pandemic sequel. THR reports that David Fincher wants to direct World War Z 2, but Paramount is dragging its heels.  This is odd, to hold off on a movie like that with someone like Fincher willing to direct it.

Unless, I don’t know, but Fincher and Pitt are demanding truckloads of solid gold as payment.

But the director of Alien3 handling a large zombie movie is a tempting premise.  Make it happen, Paramount!  Ah shit, you’re just going to mention it every now and again like your alluding to Top Gun 2 and Beverly Hills Cop 4, aren’t you?

Marc Forster directed the original, which was elevated into ‘watchable’ territory after massive re-shoots saved the ending.