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Alien3 Director Wants To Helm World War Z Sequel

It was reported recently that Paramount had nixed a World War Z sequel from its slate.

Today, a new report has shed some light on the status of Brad Pitt‘s zombie pandemic sequel. THR reports that David Fincher wants to direct World War Z 2, but Paramount is dragging its heels.  This is odd, to hold off on a movie like that with someone like Fincher willing to direct it.

Unless, I don’t know, but Fincher and Pitt are demanding truckloads of solid gold as payment.

But the director of Alien3 handling a large zombie movie is a tempting premise.  Make it happen, Paramount!  Ah shit, you’re just going to mention it every now and again like your alluding to Top Gun 2 and Beverly Hills Cop 4, aren’t you?

Marc Forster directed the original, which was elevated into ‘watchable’ territory after massive re-shoots saved the ending.

  • Lt_Cobretti

    “Alien3 director” Really guys? I know we’re all contrarian as fuck here, but come on, he’s one of few directors whose name carries more recognition than the films he’s directed.

    Also Paramount won’t do it because Fincher would make it R rated. Can’t have an R rated zombie film, that’s preposterous.

  • jim

    Have to agree with the lieutenant… won’t happen…file this under “showbiz blather”.

  • Mainline DnB

    Fincher is easily one of my favourite directors. To see him helm a zombie film would be a dream come true. That alone is a guarantee that this won’t happen.

  • Barney Ross

    Who cares about PG13 zombie movies??? FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! There was nothing manly from the first film and this one will be SOFT ASS SHIT, just all garbage produced by the same fucking clown as Terminator 5.


    Cool choice for WWZ2 but would rather Fincher directed The Batman..