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Holbrook Says ‘The Predator’ Is Reboot, No Arnold

Two of the best things going for The Predator may just have been wiped out.  That the movie would be a sequel and that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be in it in some capacity.  Now according to new lead Boyd Holbrook this won’t be the case;

It’s not a sequel; Shane Black has made something totally new, somehow keeping within the realm of Predator [while also being] absolutely new in terms of the story that we’re talking about today, and rooted in something real. It’s real fresh. I don’t think you’re going to see [Arnold] Schwarzenegger.

Elsewhere, some bad rumours came out last week about the movie.  Most sites were asked to remove the new information by Fox.  Here, we’ve known about the rumours for a while longer than that (if you follow us on Twitter you’ll know that it was referenced by MM before last weeks leaks) and have been in possession of details from the shooting screenplay.  I didn’t want to get the site or my trusted source in trouble.  I still remember being contacted by one of Warner Bros lawyers over some Fury Road material.  Anyway… this was a hint posted on Twitter;

Now other sites are putting this stuff up (AVPGalaxy is verifying it, so will I) despite warnings from Fox floating around, so I’m going to paste it too.  Here’s the synopsis;

The story takes places 30 years after the events of the first and second movies. A predator spacecraft crashes in Cuba during covert ops run by Lt. McKenna. Before being captured by the CIA and Traeger, he sends part of the downed Predator armor by mail to his son Rory. After the supposedly “comatose” Predator is revived, a race for the missing tech brings all the characters together face-to-face with something much more nefarious… THE PREDATOR 2.0 A ten feet tall genetically enhanced and more advanced Predator who will crash the McKenna family reunion in suburbia.

What else does Shane Black have in store for us? Predator dogs, a ragtag team of Army lunatics, and more weird space hybrids.”

Obviously the ’30 years later’ thing doesn’t jive with Holbrook’s ‘reboot’ talk above, but this sounds like crap.  It continues;

“Boyd Holbrook is Lieutenant Quinn McKenna (characters name might change), an elite soldier suffering from serious PTSD now working covert ops around the world. His team is trying to assassinate a drug lord in Cuba when the story begins.

Jacob Tremblay is Rory McKenna. The estranged 12-year-old son of Quinn Mckenna who lives with his mother. He’s an autistic genius who gets bullied at school.

Olivia Munn is Casey Brackett. She’s a science professor at Berkeley who’s an expert in Evolutionary biology. Basically the Amy Adams character from Arrival in the Predator universe.

Sterling K. Brown is CIA Agent Traeger. He works for an off-the-book organization who’s known the Predator’s existence for a while. He captures Lt. McKenna and recruits to help investigate the situation

Our guy also tells us that there’s some SJW bullshit thrown in for good measure, as if it wasn’t bad enough.