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Alien: Covenant Gets Another Promo

20th Century Fox have released another promotional short for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien: Covenant. I’m not sure if I like this one or not – it manages to be pretentious, kind of like a Bjork music video, whilst reminding me of something from Robocop at the same time.

See what you think.

  • Frenchie Pred the Imdb Legend

    fucking ridiculous.

    • jim

      Hey Frenchie…Just saw Borderline , Olivier Marchal latest tv film..Very fine I thought…

      • Frenchie Pred the Imdb Legend

        I’ll check it out

        • jim

          I’m halfway through the last season of Braquo..Brilliant so far…I know seasons 2 & 3 were uneven but I’m glad I stuck with it..Did you like Braquo?

          • Frenchie Pred the Imdb Legend

            Braquo started well untill something horrible , impossible and PC happened.
            Borderline was decent for a tv movie but I smelt some PC bullshit here and there.The joke about the food when Samir brings the meal to the cop in the cell is, the meal is called boeuf carotte, it’s beef with carrot, in france the Internal Affair members are nicknamed boeuf carrotte, wich is why Samir said “it’s not made on purpose” when he brings the meal.

          • jim

            You’re right about the second season of Braquo…Olivier Marchal had some sort of argument with the producers and left the series …After that Braquo became illogical and sometimes silly…I stuck with it and wasn’t going to bother with season 4 …but I’m glad I did…It’s very good..Only problem is you have to sit through the uneven seasons 2&3 to fully appreciate the last season…Glad you liked Borderline…I thought there was a lot less PC that you’d find in any UKUS production of that type….Just saw a 1970 spy thriller called La peau de torpedo with Michel Constantin ,Klaus Kinski and a very good cast…very solid…Would have been nothing special in 1970 but refreshingly adult for today….Also, one of the UK channels just screened another Marchal series: Flics (Elite Squad)..Not bad…

  • Mainline DnB

    I actually quite like it, purely because it looks exactly how i imagine an advert for an android made by Apple would look.

    • Jacob Phillips

      True, but I’d rather see the advert for the Bishop android.

  • The Night Rider

    I understand this is supposed to be viral/alternate marketing, as such, but I didn’t dig this when Scott did this for the last movie and less so now. I thought ‘Alien’ was supposed to be the anti-2001. Industrialized, with the ability and confidence to take super future sterile cliches and push them to the side and show us ugly reality.

    Shit is too clean.

  • ManlyFannyPack


  • Barney Ross