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Beverly Hills Cop III: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


I used to hate Beverly Hills Cop III.

First, because even kids knew it didn’t live up to the first two.  Second, I went through the typical film snob phase and disliked it even more.  People in their late teens and early 20s think they know everything, but really know fuck all.

Looking back now, I’m not saying it’s good, but not as bad as I thought at one point.  An objective look…


Even though I was admitted to this movie at the time, for ages I thought this movie was PG-13. There was no question of letting us in, ‘ratings’ weren’t a thing.  But looking at it closer, the movie is indeed R, if perhaps a little on the soft-R side.

That’s a good thing about the movie, it keeps it slightly ahead of crap like, say, the poisonous RoboCop 3.

I honestly doubt Eddie Murphy would’ve signed up to a PG-13 ‘Cop’ movie, but he did later denounce the tone of the movie in 2006 and said that it should’ve been harder.  He’s right but, in an effort to find something ‘Good’… I guess any type of R needs to be recognized given the history of the franchise


For a short while, near the start of the movie, Beverly Hills Cop III is just like the first two movies. Before any of that Wonder World shit started.

The chop shop scene with Diana Ross & The Supremes, with shitty dancing and Mac-10s gunning people down, is precisely how the third movie should’ve probably opened.  Hell, it even features Al Leong (but why the fuck wasn’t he credited, for God’s sake?).

If I ever see this movie starting on TV, I usually hang around for this scene then call it quits.


It was good that Serge returned, but it was even better than he entered the arms industry and presented The Annihilator 2000.

The Annihilator 2000, see, was the dawn of a new generation of luxury personal weaponry.  Night vision goggles, cell phone, fax machine, verbal processor and microwave… presented by buxom patriot girls. The only thing that was missing was a Chuck Norris demonstration of the unit.  This advert is poison to a typical Neo Liberal.  Guns, girls and borders!

Later in the movie, Foley chops up a pair of pissants with the weapon on full auto.

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