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Netflix Ditches Rating System… To Protect Amy Schumer?

First we had the IMDb ditched its comments section, which was a genuine gauging meter to discern whether or not a movie was shitty or good.

Now it looks like Netflix is doing away with its five star system, something that has always been pretty useful to me.  And some sites like MovieWeb are insinuating that Amy Schumer’s recent abysmal ratings may have influenced this decision.  The reaction to her ‘The Leather Special’, some say, was a triggering point; ‘it was instantaneously met with negative reviews. Some claim that Schumer’s biggest critics got on Netflix and purposely drove down the rating of the special, some without even watching it.’

At any rate, here is Netflix’s official reasoning;

“Five stars feels very yesterday now. We’re spending many billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogs, that just adds a challenge. Bubbling up the stuff people actually want to watch is super important.”

  • Mainline DnB

    Yep, that’s a totally pointless non-reason if ever i’ve heard it. Amy Schumer’s quest to forget being the ugly duckling by pretending like she’s so, like, totally, ok with it continues. If they ever needed a live action version of The Muppets cast, she would have to be first choice for Miss Piggy. Wouldn’t even need any additional make-up or CGI.

    • jim

      Lotta fat angry unattractive women with daddy issues living out their revenge fantasies in the media.. Adele is another one..

  • Mucho Macho

    The reason this idiot has a career is because of her family connections.
    Her uncle is that clown US senator & senate minority leader Charles Shumer.
    A few phone calls were made to the Yamaka Mafia and Boom..she’s now in tv & movies.

    Another no talent hack Chelsea Handler got famous because when she was an unknown comedian, she started fucking the old guy that used to run the E! Television Network. The douche gave this unknown comedian he was fucking a TV show & when she got somewhat famous she dumped the idiot. Now Chelsea Handler also happens to be on Netflix & her show sucks as well.

    These two idiots have something in common, all they talk about is about how slutty they are. That might appeal to a guy if the girl was young and hot, maybe in her 20s but after the woman hits a certain age & she keeps “this act” to a lot of guys she just looks like that over the hill, past her prime, trainwreck that everybody in the neighborhood has fucked and no guy would ever seriously consider settling down with.

    Shutting down the forums and rating systems might be somewhat of a small thing on the surface to a lot of people but it just goes to show you the mentality of the ultra left.
    Now some of you may not like my politics but one of the reasons why I’m for limited government is because I support the right to free speech and free individual thinking. For example I can’t stand that fat fuck Michael Moore but in the system that I believe in, he has the right to make those stupid movies of his. The system that he promotes will take away those rights & thats the irony of it all.

    What I find funny about this generation of Bernie Sanders/Hillary ass kissing Millennials and Lefties is that you have people that are actually marching & fighting to have less rights. So many of them actually support Facebook and Google filtering what reaches their eyes cause “Fake News” is what caused Killary to lose the election.

    And don’t give me that shit about women’s rights. Nobody is taking women’s rights to vote away. And Planned Parenthood is always begging for the government to fund them and then they complain when the government even suggest where the fuck the money should go cause they don’t want men to dictate what decisions are made in a woman’s clinic….Well news flash feminazis, if you beg for the government to fund your clinic, guess what? The government is run by men you frikkin idiots!

    Sorry for the rant.. but I need to lower my cholesterol😀👍

    • Max Borg

      Nepotism might help people get started, but having famous/important relatives doesn’t give you a career. That part has to be earned.

    • jim

      Chelsea Handler is an awful cunt…and about as funny as a baby’s funeral… she looks like she might have spent some time as a crack whore rock groupie servicing unsuccessful grunge bands in the skankiest hotel rooms back in the nineties.. a gangbanger if ever I saw one…she’s lucky she didn’t wind up in porn…she’s a scrubber…

  • jim

    It’s not just about this horrible cunt…it’s about a corporation determined to ensure that nothing interferes with parting suckers from their money or gets in the way of ideological positioning..pretty soon we won’t even be allowed to slag their crappy products in private…

  • Dalton2000

    Lotta angry men bitchin about women mabey try bangin one now and again boys you might stop hating them so much and the bitching might stop

  • Der

    Don’t care see nothing about an action movie or any thing manly

  • Max Borg

    The IMDb boards were not a genuine gauging meter for anything, that’s why they were removed.

  • ColonelBobi

    I never heard of her but couldn’t care less either way. I don’t think I’ve ever even rated a movie/show on Netflix or taken notice of it’s stars. Losing the IMDB boards was way more significant for me as I used it as a gauging meter for movies/shows I was unfamiliar with.