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News Blow Out (3/14): Jaa, Bautista

A ton of news relevant to this site has come in over the past 24 hours or so.  Too much to place across several articles, so here goes.

Ip Man 3 Spin Off (Cheung Tin-chi)

Yuen Woo-ping is set to direct an (unofficial) spin off to Ip Man 3 in Cheung Tin-chi.  Even better, a new teaser poster (courtesy of CityOnFire) reveals that none other than Tony Jaa and Dave Bautista will be in the movie.  It sure would be nice to see those two thrown down in a fight scene.  See below.


Below is a trailer and poster for Paradox, an upcoming action/thriller starring Tony Jaa.  The action and fight scenes were choreographed by none other than Sammo Hung.

It is an upcoming Hong Kong action film directed by Wilson Yip, with action direction by Sammo Hung, and stars Louis Koo as a police negotiator who travels to Bangkok to search for his teenage daughter and is aided by local detectives played by Tony Jaa and Wu Yue. Along the way, he encounters the mastermind of an organ trafficking gang (Chris Collins), leading to a series of hot pursuit

The Return Of Lucky Stars

Sammo Hung has launched ‘Sammo Hung Films’ and one of the first movies announced is The Return of Lucky Stars, a successor to the Golden Harvest series,1983’s Five Luck Stars, 1985’s My Lucky Stars and Twinkle, Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars.

ImpactOnline has the full story.

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