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Putin Axed From Kursk Movie

Far from the Madding Crowd director Thomas Vinterberg will direct an English-language film about the real-life events of 2000 when an explosion (the Russians at the time maintained it was accidentally rammed by the SSN 691 Memphis , but I somehow think this won’t get mentioned) on board caused the Russian Kursk submarine to sink in the Barents Sea, prompting a desperate struggle to save those on board.

Lea Seydoux will join Matthias Schoenaerts and Colin Firth in the cast.

However, alterations have been made to the movie and scenes originally intended to be filmed featuring Vladimir Putin will now be axed entirely from the movie.  The decision has come from EuropaCorp president Luc Besson, who has said that he wants to remove the political element from the movie.

Sounds to me that rather than politics being removed, they were actually inserted…