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Stallone Hypes New Action Movie With Statham

Sylvester Stallone is doing his thing on Instagram, as usual.  This time he caught an intruder on his property, none other than Jason Statham.

In this video clip below, both men hype up an upcoming action movie they’re doing together.  You can’t say for sure what that’s going to be, but I think a safe bet might be The Expendables 4.

Speaking on intruders on Stallone’s property, anyone remember years back when a cultist invaded Stallone’s home to try and speak to him about ‘giving him a chance’ (or some other cultist jibber jabber), with Stallone having to call the cops to take the nut away (probably back to a certain Stallone forum).  True story.

Also, below this clip, check out Stallone celebrating the manliness of Mel Gibson.

  • csc-60293

    Which forum ? I want to be part of a real fan forum for stallone. I remember people on Imdb calling this site ( manly movie) the headquarters but this site is dead ! There is nobody here. Sorry but you guys are really slow and its always the same users crying about how things are bad. Its really boring compared to Imdb

    • Charlie Sheen


      • csc-60293

        You can call me whatever you want but you know what i am saying is true . People only cry like little girls here .

    • The Night Rider


      For ‘manlyman’, he will compete. I’m telling you too, that he is going to be begging me to be his teacher.

      And what he’s going to learn from me is pain in every part of his body. And fear in every part of his mind. But here’s the kicker… he’s going to thank me for it later. Then I’m going to think he’s invincible. But then when he steps out into the ring of the tournament, he’s really going to find out what pain’s all about!

      • csc-60293

        This is what i am talking about. Real movie fans would never quote karate kid 3 (the worst in the series). Again. All i am saying is that everybody said this site was the place to be when Imdb collapsed. Not happening . All i see is gifs and people crying . You know its true

  • Barney Ross
  • Barney Ross

    Can’t wait for EX4 hopefully JOHN WOO is directing it!

    • Andymovieman

      I think john woo directing would be awesome.

    • Der

      No not john woo I can’t watch any more slow mo doves new ideas much ?

  • Fast&Curious8

    jackie chan?

  • jim
  • Andymovieman

    I would like to see Statham or snipes take over the team if Barney dies. Better those two than that stupid Twilight pussy Kellan lutz.