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Stallone Hypes New Action Movie With Statham

Sylvester Stallone is doing his thing on Instagram, as usual.  This time he caught an intruder on his property, none other than Jason Statham.

In this video clip below, both men hype up an upcoming action movie they’re doing together.  You can’t say for sure what that’s going to be, but I think a safe bet might be The Expendables 4.

Speaking on intruders on Stallone’s property, anyone remember years back when a cultist invaded Stallone’s home to try and speak to him about ‘giving him a chance’ (or some other cultist jibber jabber), with Stallone having to call the cops to take the nut away (probably back to a certain Stallone forum).  True story.

Also, below this clip, check out Stallone celebrating the manliness of Mel Gibson.