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Black Hypes Non-CGI Predator

They can do a lot with CGI these days, but often, even when they throw huge amounts of money into it, it still ends up looking like shit.  See the recreation of a full human in the recent Star Wars movie.  The eye can always tell, and demands the best.  And the best is actual, practical effects.

When it comes to The Predator, director Shane Black has been hyping practical costume on Twitter…

That’s all well and good, but what about the rumored 10 foot super duper Predator, Shane?  Surely there are no ten feet humans out there?  I still worry about this movie.

But maybe the people at Fox aren’t, they’ve bumped the movie to the more competitive August 2018 release window. Black said he ‘endorsed the delay entirely’ because it means the movie won’t have to compete with a Marvel movie anymore (Black Panther).