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Man From U.N.C.L.E Getting Sequel

I haven’t seen the new Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie, but I imagine it could be a good movie.  Perhaps it is, now that they’re confident to move forward with the sequel.  Henry Cavill’s co-star Armie Hammer says it’s happening.

Hammer, out doing Free Fire promotion, tells Slashfilm that the original film’s producer and co-writer Lionel Wigram is writing the sequel at the moment:

“I called Lionel Wigram, the producer of the movie, and he and Guy produced it and wrote it all together. I was like, ‘Dude, what’s the deal? I get asked about this s–t all the time. Can you just write a sequel?’ He was like, ‘You know what? Yeah, f–k it, I’ll do it. Sure, I’ll write a sequel.’

I was like, ‘If you write one, I’m sure we can get one made,’ so who knows? Today is the first day I’ve actually told anyone that story. I only told one other person who asked. Apparently, the sequel is being written right now. No pressure, Lionel!.”

Here’s the trailer for that recent movie.


  • Just Some Polack

    Yeah, this is actually quite decent IMO… at least when it comes to PG-13 action movies in this century. The action is fine, Cavill and Hamill have good chemistry and even Alicia Vikander didn’t annoy me much as an obligatory in this day-and-age “tough chick” (at least not on the Michelle Rodriguez level). Not much of a manly movie, but let’s say… tolerable. To sum up, if I was forced to watch a PG-13 action movie from 2010s, I’d certainly take this over Furious 87, Captain Lamerica or The Fart Awakens.

    • Der

      Its a cool movie but winters soilder is miles ahead of it when it comes to action.

  • David Barber

    I saw this on the big screen and it kinda made me wish I had seen one of the UNCLE spin-off movies on the big screen in the ’60s. I thought Cavill and Hammer were a great duo (not as good though as Vaughn and McCallum) and Vikander was a likeable female lead. There were some genuinely funny moments too.

  • Mainline DnB

    I enjoyed this movie mainly because it was where i discovered that Henry Cavill can actually act and has charisma, instead of just being the dull one-note pretty boy he is in literally everything else.

  • Der

    Really liked it thought hammer was the best thing in it makes me wish bond had always been set in the sixties as period movies just suits the spy movies better.

  • Kirk’s Toupee

    Cavill should be the next Bond.


    can barely remember what happened but didn’t hate it/seemed ok. cavil was good. hed have made a decent 007. Maybe still could for Bond 26. hey if shit like GI Blow can get a sequel then why not half decent stuff like UNCLE

  • Barney Ross

    It was PG13 shit but funny…it will be pg13 again = not manly