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Rumor: Seagal Signs 3 Picture Deal With Netflix

OUT FOR JUSTICE, Steven Seagal, 1991, (c)Warner Bros.

You’ve probably been wanting Steven Seagal to do something better than DTV/VOD in recent years.  It is sure to say that a lot of those movies have been weak compared to his big Warner Brothers peak.  Now a rumor appears on the grapevine that Steven Seagal might just have been acquired by Netflix.  According to known Seagal insider Dida (of the Steven Seagal forum)

A very reliable source of me told me that Steven is going to do 3 bigger movies for……..NETFLIX!!

Now keep in mind that this is only a rumor and we’re not saying it’s anything else.  However, I’ve known Dida to be quite accurate and often talking to people on Team Seagal, directors, producers and such.

So, if true, very good.  Because Netflix is where it’s at right now. Or as Denis Hopper once said in Speed… very exciting, Jack!