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The Making of Cobra (1986)

Here’s a rare ‘Making Of’ Cobra’.  You won’t find much shit like this around for Cobra, at least I can’t.  It was rare to me when I first caught it a year or two ago.

Right from the start you can hear Sylvester Stallone shout ‘action!’.  It was really Stallone who directed it, George P. Cosmatos was a known ghost director who let stars direct their own movies.  Cobra and Tombstone (directed by Kurt Russell) are two examples, with Rambo II being a rumored third example.

I also like Stallone’s directness in this featurette:  “I try to keep it at a gut level.  I try to reduce the dialogue and intesify the action”. And he says it’s important “…not to become too preachy with it.” Y’see I like that, I prefer a good action movie that is honest, over a pretentious adventure movie that is quite clearly shit.  I’m looking at your Batman movies, Nolan…

There are some good stories from Cobra.  One of my favourites is from Brian Thompson, who revealed that as an aspiring thespian, he was lured into the production of Cobra only to find that the script kind of sat around collecting dust, while Stallone focused on, you know, making it manly as fuck!