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20 Of The Best TV Intros Ever


Today we are going to look at some of the manliest TV show intro sequences ever.  Starting with this one. The second season of True Detective sucked and had a poor intro.  But the first season was good, and had an amazing intro.

The theme is called Far From Any Road by the The Handsome Family.


Macgyver had a great intro. And when we talk about MacGyver, we talk about the original series, not that disaster from recent times.  This series had multiple intros, alternated slightly through the seasons, but maybe the first was the best.

Yes, the show was kind of the antithesis to the Sylvester Stallone ‘body count’ big movies at the time, but I’d say a lot of us have fond memories of this as children.


Who remembers those TV shows from the 1990s, before reality TV and Pop Idol-style crap took over? Gladiators is an example of physical competitiveness, as opposed to ceaseless metrosexuals singing in front of fucking judges every weekend.

The UK variant of Gladiators was perhaps the most aggressive from the international franchise and it can be viewed on YouTube.  It featured the ultimate males and females and encouraged people to better themselves by challenging them.  We don’t see stuff like that now.


If you haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy yet, I’d recommend doing so.  But only the first two seasons, maybe the third too.  The second season is definitely the best, but  beyond that things fall apart.

One of the cool things about this show is obviously the intro.  It was written by singer-songwriter Curtis Stigers, Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner, producer Bob Thiele Jr. and show creator Kurt Sutter.


We couldn’t really do a list like this without including this one. The A-Team is simply iconic and so is the intro for the series.  Mind you, this is only the case for the first four seasons.  The intro for the fifth and final season is a horrendous synth re-do.

The less said about the movie, the better, even though it does feature Liam Neeson.  Just an all round travesty, among wastes and blunders, down there with The Expendables 3.

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