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King Arthur’s Epic Box Office Bomb

What happens when you try to turn King Arthur into a metrosexual, and spend 170 million doing so?  Let’s consult the opening box office stats for the new movie, where Guy Ritchie and Co. did just that!

The film scored just over $5 million on opening day and is headed towards a disastrous opening weekend in the range of about $18 million.

In fact, it’s performing three times worse than the Amy Schumer-led ‘comedy‘ Snatched….

Would it be possible to blame the whole thing on David Beckham?  I think that it could be reasonable.  Also, reviews for the movie are in the toilet, and swirling fast.  At the time of looking, it’s at 27% (4.6/10) on Rotten Tomatoes and a 41/100 on Metacritic.  And that ain’t going to get any better.

And to think, there were talks about getting six movies out of this franchise!

  • Der

    Not out in Ireland until next week I’ll watch it then give my opinion I like jude law he was great in repo man and black Sea don’t give two fucks about critics will form my own opinion next Friday.


      lol its like they have not shown you anything from the movie so far

      I love these type of comments, i will reserve my opinion about this steaming smelly turd until its actually in mouth and tasted by tongue lol!!

  • Anoyster
    • Barney Ross

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAA excellent


    it made less than that – 14m opening (‘kin el) also bombed in china so no chance of being bailed out there like happened for T5, Warcraft, XXX3 etc

  • csc-60293

    Money is not important. The Last Stand was hated by critics and it was a huge flop and i think its a great film

    • bo

      Thank god it didn’t get a sequel.

      • csc-60293


  • Just Some Polack

    Well, I don’t know if that’s a good news, when it loses with an Amy Schumer “comedy”…

  • Barney Ross

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA another PG13 shit flopping, Ghost in the shell (pg13) flopped hard too!!!

    • bo

      It’s like they’re trying to make bombs. King Arthur is a shit property anyway. R rated or not.

      • Barney Ross

        It was wrong to make it PG13 its a fucking soft ass shit movie glad this garbage and ghost in the shell flopped hard, both pg13