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The New King Arthur Is A Girlie Man

The new King Arthur looks like total shit.

Or, if I might say, girlie-man shit.  Isn’t King Arthur historically recognized as a mythical figure who is impossibly manly?  Then, what the fuck is going on with Guy Ritchie’s new movie?  I mean, Charlie Hunnam isn’t really the problem, rather the production and direction of this movie is.

Arthur looks like a bitch.  He looks like he’s getting ready to film a metrosexual Hugo Boss advert.  Were men in ye old days manicured and effete?

What the fuck is this bullshit?!

And don’t get me started on David Beckham.  I don’t think I hate anyone in life, but David Beckham could probably win me around with minimal effort.  Consult the YouTube comments on his appearance in the shampoo commercial movie;

“Beckham sounds like a 12yr old kid. Like his balls havent dropped and his voice never broke.”

“I found David Beckham as about as menacing as a carrot in this clip. He stands then then he started talking with that voice and I was just expecting someone to jump out and say ha ha this was all a joke.”

When was the last time Guy Ritchie made a good movie?  Was it Snatch?  No, really, was it?  Here is what heroes of the time probably looked like, Ritchie…

  • Jack Caine

    The manliest King Arthur movie is Excalibur (1981).

    • Jacob Phillips

      Didn’t like it, but it is quite manly.

  • Anoyster

    Right as I saw the trailer for this movie last summer I said it, I had never seen as cringe inducing and obviously shitty trailer. Guy Richie is a hack director.

    • Barney Ross

      I like his R rated films. But he sucks at making pg13 films. He should go back to R and lower budget.

    • The Night Rider
      • Max Borg

        Hasn’t been his missus since 2008, genius.

        • The Night Rider

          Lol Marx is soooo butthurt. Perhaps you could scour the site for another hour or two and find some more typos, then present the ‘evidence’ to us on Twitter.


          • Max Borg

            If you want to be taken seriously, writing properly is a requirement.

  • Der

    King Arthur was a pussy any way so who cares king Louie from jungle book is the one true king

  • Mucho Macho
  • Mucho Macho
  • Barney Ross

    BOYCOTT this FUCKING TRASH!! also the critics are shitting on this pg13 abomination 12% on Rottentomatoes not that i give a shit about that site but its hilarious, alkso Ghost in the shell is a HUGE PG13 flop too, future is looking bright. After Game of Thrones you cant fool people with girly man pg13 shit like that

    • Der

      Couldn’t give a flying fuck about the critics two of my favourite films are American ninja 2 and avenging force can you imagine what the critics would say about them as a life long action buff I don’t care what critics think of any movie ever I watch it if its shit it’s shit if it’s good score.

  • Andymovieman

    The only time charlie Hunham was great in anything was jax teller in sons of anarchy. That’s it. Everything else couldn’t match the success he had in the making of the show.

  • Kirk’s Toupee
  • Jimmy Smith

    Absolute trash and flaming pile of shit.

  • AlTeo

    Not sure whether people agree with me but I enjoyed Man from UNCLE…

    However I got invited to see this garbage last night for free…Was in the mood for free tickets and food so why not…Absolute mind numbing crap…Looks like it was directed by a crack head who played one too many online fantasy games and decided to put it into the lore of King Arthur… I mean, wtf were giant elephants and octopus witches doing in the film…GoPro-filmed action sequences… I should get paid in cash just for watching this meth-riddled crud

    Only plus was Jude Law who seems aware of the quality of the film and gave a good villain wasted in a gigantic piece of crap

  • Max Borg

    I’d suggest you actually watch the movie before you make uninformed statements…

    • The Night Rider

      Hmmm, well since you operate a movie website that garners around 30-50 visitors a week, I think we’ll discard your suggestion, with regards to movie advice.

      • Max Borg

        My sites have more visitors in one year than yours will in your lifetime…

        • The Night Rider

          Except they’re not your sites. You’ve tried this laughable sophism before and got humiliated then, too. Writing a site does not equate to owning it. I mean, I’ve been paid by Yahoo! to write articles in the past. But I’m not going to resort to calling Yahoo! ‘my site’, am I?

          I dare say, you spend more time on this site than your own (singular) site.

          Keep dancing, puppet!

          • Max Borg

            I do not spend more time on this site than I do on the ones I work for. They all have enough visitors to get me press credentials for the Cannes Film Festival, which is quite strict in terms of who gets admitted as a journalist.

            And good luck owning your site when you eventually write something so libellous you’ll get sued…

  • bo

    The movie sucks? Who didn’t see that coming

  • Jacob Phillips

    Fuck’s sake, David fucking Beckham? Why not just stick James Corden in it as the comic relief. Fuck this piece of crap.

  • The Giggler

    Soundtrack to this film is good, but judging from that clip with pulling the sword, the fuck? The way the dog barking cuts in kills whatever emotion or gravitas the scene’s supposed to have. Law would have been better off playing Foltest in that getup in a decent R-rated Witcher film. Can’t believe that project is on ice and trash like this gets made. The only good thing to come from this disaster might be the director returning to his roots and no more big budget PG-13s.