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Biehn Talks Returning To Alien And Terminator

A cool video has been uploaded by TheTerminatorFans, which can be viewed above.  In it, Michael Biehn discusses a potential return to the Terminator and Alien franchises.

Speaking about Terminator he says;

Kyle Reese was young when he want back into the past and he died in the past, so unless they are able to generate my images as a young man,- which I am sure they can these days, I don’t anticipate being in any more Terminator Movies but from what I understand the last Terminator Movie did very very poorly at the box office and it’s not very well received but now the movie goes back to Jim Cameron, now Jim Cameron owns the rights to that movie again for the rest of his life, I think, and I think Jim will make another movie, he might not direct it but he will make another movie and I will guarantee you that if James Cameron is involved in making another Terminator movie it’ll be just as good as his first two.

You can check out the full article on this coverage here.  It’s also interesting that Biehn has never sullied his Terminator or Alien appearances.  Minus his T2 cameo, he has only showed up in two movies and both were good.

Unless we count that horrible Aliens: Colonial Marines game…