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Dr. Who Has Been Emasculated

Now I don’t watch Dr. Who, but some controversy did catch my eye when The Daily Mail (which is currently being sued by certain copyright malcontents – I recant on my comment that only smaller sites are being shaken down) has asked why are male screen heroes disappearing?

It turns out that the popular BBC TV series which has been running for over half a century has decided to forcibly politicize it and fix what wasn’t broken.

Here is what the new lead actress, Jodie Whittaker says; ‘It feels completely overwhelming, as a feminist, as a woman, as an actor, as a human, as someone who wants to continually push themselves and challenge themselves, and not be boxed in by what you’re told you can and can’t be.

‘It feels incredible.’

I love how this is a less-than-tacit admission that the whole thing is politically motivated.  Oh, that thing you have there is popular and watched weekly across countless national TV networks?  Well we’re hijacking it to convey our message!  Tough shit!

So who is next?  Bond?  I’m just going to leave this here;

  • Perfectly said at the end of this article, Night! “If it’s not broke, hijack it to convey our message. Tough shit!” Hopefully the people will respond by not watching and the show will quickly die. Tough shit!

  • Jack Caine

    Doctor Who has been emasculated ever since the BBC hired the creator of Queer as Folk to revive it in 2005. It’s propaganda for the LGBTQXYZ crowd. Typical Cultural Marxism from the SJWs running the BBC.

    The original series was a fun family TV show. The modern series is pure shite. Hopefully it’ll get cancelled sooner rather than later.

    • Jacob Phillips

      Yup, to quote James Cameron, the soup was pissed in years ago. I loved dr who as a kid, but the modern doctor who is dumb, horseshit.

  • Avenging force

    Sure there’s loads of who fans on this site sorry to go nerd on you but he’s an alien there’s female time lords the master regenerated into a woman there was a female time lord in the pertwee era so this is nothing different than what’s come before it’s any a big deal if your a pussy who’s scared of women,

    • The Night Rider
    • Jack Caine

      There was no female Time Lord in the Pertwee era. You’re thinking of Romana who was from the Tom Baker era. And she wasn’t a Time Lord. She was a Time Lady. The original series made a clear delineation between the two. Time Lords always regenerated into male incarnations, and Time Ladies always regenerated into females. The concept of Time Lords being genderfluid transsexuals is something new the BBC added in the last three or four years. It shits all over the established mythology that was canon for over half a century.

      But being a ‘nerd’ I’m sure you already know this and are only pretending to be an ill-informed SJW who prefers male-to-female transsexual heroes over original female characters built from the ground up. Enjoy your propaganda.

      • Kirk’s Toupee

        “But being a ‘nerd’ I’m sure you already know this and are only
        pretending to be an ill-informed SJW who prefers male-to-female
        transsexual heroes over original female characters built from the ground up. Enjoy your propaganda.”…..Bravo good sir.

      • Mucho Macho

        You’re more informed than I am about this issue and your reply makes perfect sense. Sounds like SJW commies fucked-up another property

      • Max Borg

        The mythology has always been made up as they went along…

      • Avenging force

        Well done sir you out nerded me so bravo to you but it’s happening now so no point being a bitch about it on a site called manly movies it’s a sci fi family show so has no credence on this site and sjw really is that still a thing do people still use that like it means fuck to anyone I’ve been a fan since pertwee watched it on BBC 2 every Friday repeats tea time I’ll give it a go if she’s good I’ll watch it if she’s not I won’t found it hard to take Malcolm tucker as the doctor at first but he’s done a great job will miss him wasn’t calling you a bitch by the way ment in general.

      • Avenging force

        They make it up as they go along anly added Paul mcgann to the canon few years ago so it’s nothing new,

      • Max Borg

        “The concept of Time Lords being genderfluid transsexuals is something new the BBC added in the last three or four years. ”

        Sydney Newman – you know, the show’s creator – wanted to cast a woman as the Doctor back in 1986.

    • Jacob Phillips

      People who don’t want a transgender dr who are morons, say virtue signaling twats.

      • Avenging force

        She’s a bird she’s not a transgender like your philapeno bride you bought on the internet.

        • Jacob Phillips

          Haha, jealous sunshine?

          • Avenging force

            Jealous you had to buy a lady boy from the ugliest of the Asian people phillippinne ,no my friend simply no,I like my lady’s not to have tiny Asian penis but it’s 2017 so what ever floats your boat,your bought wife is a brace beautiful butterfly

          • Jacob Phillips

            Haha, you are jealous. Calm down sunshine, she’s Chinese and female, you wouldn’t be interested.

          • Avenging force

            He’s Chinese you spelt that wrong

  • Barney Ross
    • HeteroFriendly


      How can you not like Putin,
      the guys a mack!

  • Barney Ross
  • Barney Ross
    • The Night Rider

      Fuck, to this day, I do not understand these posters. These are easily the worst posters printed for any movie, anywhere, in the history of time. Not just the bad-trip colors, but the stupid fucking smiles. And Expend. Ables.? Seriously? They couldn’t figure out a fucking way to squeeze the name in by itself. Hahaha fuck you, Avi.

      • Barney Ross

        Yeah man it was fucking gay pg13 shit!!! I watched EX3 two times and each time it was ONLY for Mel Gibson’s performance. All i remember is Gibson’s cool scenes and him getting shot at the end & a bunch of girly man in the chopper waiting for Stallone to jump! WTF

  • Mucho Macho

    I’ve never watched “Dr. Who” & after this I’m pretty sure I ain’t gonna start.

  • Movie_Buff_Daz

    It’s a very bad decision

  • Lt_Cobretti

    Meh, the kind of people who watch this will probably be happy with it.

  • Eric Hutchison

    I don’t watch Dr. Who, but I assume the character has no name? If so, then I guess that makes it easier for them to justify a female playing the part.

    As for James Bond, hell no! He has a damn name. He’s a man, period. Want a female equivalent? Fine, make one up, but stop taking classic characters and changing their gender and sexual orientation .

    • Max Borg

      Precisely. It’ also been established in the series that Gallifreyans (the Doctor’s race) have moved past gender norms, and Time Lords/Ladies can switch from one to the other when they regenerate.

  • Predator Fanboy

    Femnazi crap!!!!

  • John Ashton

    Don’t watch it, but it just smells of more typical modern PC bullshit to me, my nerdy friends like it but I just switch off when they mention it and quickly change the subject.

  • HeteroFriendly

    I dont have a problem with it.

    Like you already pointed out, I dont watch doctor who.
    Never did, except those 2 seasons that Karen Gillan was on it and then I completely lost interest in it again after they fired her.

    This is entertainment for british fruits by british fruits.
    Theres no men in england.

    I support their right to pay for and entertain themselves with what entertains themselves.

    The only time it becomes a problem is when feminists and liberal perverts want to push their filth on children, have you pay for it, and then tell YOU what YOU cant be entertained by becasue it doesn’t meet anita sarkeesians approval.

    I couldn’t care less about doctor who,
    although I am offended that it wasn’t a Black lady.