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Emily Ratajkowski: Hollywood Discriminating Against Beautiful Women

Champagne socialist LARPers like Emma Watson and the unhinged zealot Ashley Judd keep telling us about alleged sexist discrimination in the movie industry.  That might be true, but not in the way they suggest.

Actress Emily Ratajkowski has called out Hollywood in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia for what she claims is its “anti-woman” employment practices, explaining she is sometimes turned down for acting roles because her breasts are “too big.”

In an interview with the Australian magazine, Ratajkowski said she faces gender discrimination in Hollywood, but not because she’s too old or not pretty enough, but because she’s “too sexy.”

Of course this is in keeping with current year directive that women must now at all times only be judged by how manly they are, without any reference being made to their appearance.

I mean let’s just tell the truth here and admit that it’s probably worse than even that.  Hollywood is an industry populated by, and ran by, liberal perverts.  And Miss Ratajkowski probably wouldn’t have this problem if she’d only play ball and find the right sleazebag producer to ‘impress’.

In the meantime during Emily’s blackballing, we’ll have to make do with the likes of the talented Amy Schumer.  Hot women are sexist and backward!

  • Movie_Buff_2011

    I honestly can’t believe she has been turned down acting jobs because her boobs are to big!!! Her boobs are stunning 😍

  • Mulla Krekar

    Try aquiring some semblance of talent besides being a useless Instagram cumbucket for obscenely rich arabs. Tired of seeing this walking pair of tits everywhere.

  • Mainline DnB

    Yeah, i very much doubt she’s being offered auditions for the roles of pianists, biologists and soldiers, so i’m not sure what she’s complaining about. Everything she is is built on her good looks and curves, and now she wants to complain about it. Ok.

  • lioneL

    *******I mean let’s just tell the truth here and admit that it’s probably worse than even that. Hollywood is an industry populated by, and ran by, liberal perverts*********

    If you truly believe this then stop covering their movies & giving them free publicity, thus enabling them. Stick to the works of Stephen Baldwin & Scott Baio. Put your money where your mouth is. Whatever little of it you have left. lolololll.

  • Mucho Macho

    Here on my nation’s birthday, the 4th of July, I would like to make a public plea to President Trump to pass an executive order to make breast reduction surgery illegal.

    I’m still crying over this surgical sin.⤵

  • Mucho Macho

    Remember when movie stars did not want to reveal too much about themselves because they wanted to remain a mystery to audiences ….
    I wish we could go back to that


  • Mucho Macho

    This chick is so fucking hot, I would have voted for Hillary Clinton if she told me to.

    This chick is so fucking hot, I would have gone to watch Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters” on opening day and I would have written a review for it on this site & I would have given it a perfect score if she told me to.

    “I did it all for the Nookie”

    I understand Fred Durst.. I understand

    • ManUnited life!!!!!

      Same she is stunningly beautiful with perfect tits

  • Jay Beezy

    I don’t see Alexandra Daddario complaining.

    • Mucho Macho


    • ManUnited life!!!!!

      She has the best tits in Hollywood it’s a disgrace that she has only got em on TV!!!

  • Lt_Cobretti

    Probably still spending time on the casting couch, just not getting work from it. Hollywood is a fucking shithole.

  • BradyDeez

    This is dumb. She’s not getting roles because she’s a terrible actress.

    It also sounds like someone hasn’t been watching Fox News lately 😂

  • ManUnited life!!!!!

    No fucking way does she get turned down for having big breasts!!!! Who in there right mind wouldn’t get her topless in a film!!! Great tits like those deserve to be shown and admired lmao she chatting rubbish which is why I like her with her mouth shut and her tits out on display