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UPDATED: More Trouble For Scarface Remake


UPDATED: It looks like this project is still in a bad developmental place.  Suicide Squad and End of Watch helmer David Ayer has reportedly dropped out of directing the second remake at Universal Pictures.

Heat Vision reports that Ayer’s take on the script was dubbed “too dark” for the studio’s taste, whatever the hell that means.  Ayer also didn’t want to be rushed.  Looks like movie is going to have an uphill struggle…

PREVIOUSLY: They’re remaking Scarface again, following the first in 1932 then the re-do in 1983.  The new director is Antoine Fuqua, which could have been worse I suppose.  Now Fuqua, while promoting his other remake The Magnificent Seven, has been speaking about Scarface with Fandango:

“I read the script they have and it’s actually really interesting and very timely. We’re dealing with a lot of stuff now coming out of Mexico. And again, we still have those issues dealing with the ‘American Dream,’ and the fact that the game is rigged, right? It’s not really an even playing field, but the promise is that it is. The promise is that everyone gets a fair shot, but that’s not always the case.

So that’s always relevant, and right now with what’s happening in Mexico, which is where [the main character] comes from – he comes out of Mexico – that’s relevant, especially when you’ve got people talking about putting up walls and other kinds of stuff. We’re still dealing with immigration, we’re still dealing with what would turn someone into Scarface.”

If I’m not mistaken the 1983 movie had lukewarm reviews at first, but went on to become the cult classic it is now. It’s going to be a hard sell upstaging that movie, this will be Fuqua’s biggest challenge ever.

  • crocop97

    Meh, fuck this

    • Barney Ross

      Yes. Fuck remakes.


    Fuqua is a decent choice for this so could be a half decent remake. and the Scarface ‘brand’ could make it an R rated blockbuster (I imagine they’ll probably offer Pacino a cameo like Caine in the godawful Get Carter remake)

    • Barney Ross

      Fuck you remake supporter!! GIRLY MAN!!!


        not all remakes are crap you silly fuck – e.g. Carpenters The Thing, and the Pacino Scarface!!

        • AlTeo

          Back then when most people knew how to remake something without completely shitting on the original…

          • Barney Ross

            Exactly, finally someone with a brain here!!

        • Barney Ross

          80’S remake are great fucking inbred faggot….today’s remake are trash, because of retarded mongoloid like you, more will come, SHIT HEAD

  • AlTeo

    So I saw Magnificent Seven 2016…. and I liked it, surprisingly.
    Not much CGI to speak of, no shaky cam at all, nice widescreen vistas, crisp practical action sequences and a lot of manly badassery to be seen. A rare PG-13 manly movie, how often do we get that nowadays?

    Seven Samurai and the 1960 Magnificent Seven are masterpieces, no question about it. But for this film, obviously nowhere near as good as the two masterworks, to be quite good as it already is, is a sort of miracle.

    Definitely looking forward to your take on it, Night.

    • Barney Ross

      Hahaha go fuck yourself retarded girly man!! go away fucking inbred remake / PG13 lover. There is nothing manly or badass about a PG13 remake, fucktard.

      Knight shouldn’t even talk about that trash let alone watch it and review it.

      Everyone with balls should boycott this fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!

      • crocop97

        I don’t know, cast is pretty good and Byung-hun Lee is a bad mofo so I’ll give it a try

      • AlTeo

        Haha, opinions are like assholes, mate. Everyone has one.

        2016 Magnificent 7 was given an R-rating equivalent in my country, so I thought why not.

        I share the notion that PG-13 remakes are horrible though (Rubbercop and Total Remake, can’t blame a lot of people hating the rating now), however remakes of Kurosawa films have turned out to range from good (Last Man Standing) to excellent (original Mag 7, Fistful of Dollars), at least that’s what I think.

        • Lt_Cobretti

          Let’s not forget the original Magnificent Seven was rated G so by all accounts they actually hardened this one up. That and westerns always seem to get away with a lot in terms of violence, just look at True Grit and even Cowboys & Aliens.

          • Barney Ross

            Dude are you defending this fucking trash pg13 remake?? FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!!! True Grit feels like PG13 trash and it is, cowboys and aliens is pg13 garbage, fuck u

        • Barney Ross

          If you wasted your money on this magnificent remake i have no respect for you, now more remakes will come because of YOU.

          80’s and 90’s remake are great because they were better than the original people were very talented back then, now modern remakes are TRASH, pure smelly pg13 shit

    • jim

      Finally got to see Johnnie To’s latest…disappointing in my opinion..great technique but…the dizzying digital shootout at the end might be a technical marvel but I prefer Johnnie when he’s less playful….Drug War was such a colossal achievement it makes anything coming after it seem weak…..Here’s hoping he gets around to the much promised Election 3…

      • AlTeo

        I agree with you on the ending, jim. The buildup towards the climactic shootout was very gripping, had me hooked. Then the actual shootout happened and it got to the point where I felt To should dial it back a notch with the OTT of it all… Stylish, yes, but way too much of it that it nearly derailed the entire film…. I believe even Lam and Woo had more restraint than this scene.

        Yeah ,on the basis of Election and Drug War, I’m hoping To does better next time. Need to give Drug War another go-around, haven’t seen that since its theatrical release.

        • crocop97

          He should have made something like Hard Boiled hospital shootout, but still, production on Three was really impressive. There was some clunky Asian cgi here and there (no matter how big the budget is, they still have the crappy cgi), that is why you always stick to the practical stuff

  • jim

    By all accounts he has fucked up Magnificent Seven so I’m sure this is a terrible idea..His one good credit is Training Day.

  • TheOldMcClane

    this has shit written all over it.

  • ManUnited life!!!!!

    Ayer would have done a great job otherwise this film will suck!!!! Why fucking remake a perfect film anyway