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McGregor: Bruce Lee Would’be Been An MMA Champion

MMA has probably had many fathers, from the likes of Gene LeBell to Bruce Lee.  But the sport has evolved drastically, even beyond the early day dogfights featuring the likes of the Shamrocks.

Some people say that so competitive and scientific is the sport right now, that Bruce Lee couldn’t hang.

Current MMA hot commodity Conor McGregor feels otherwise though, not only declaring that Bruce Lee could compete, but he’d be champion.  He’s fluid, he’s loose, he’s fast, he’d be champion, no doubt.

This gets me to thinking, whatever happened to that proposed fight between Jean Claude Van Damme and Somrack Kamsing?  Unlike the likes of the laughably deluded narcissist CM Punk, Van Damme has a full contact competitive history and admitted that the whole affair was set to be Rocky Balboa (2006) style endeavour.  I think the only real thing Van Damme needed to work on was pulling his leg back and work on his stance.

Actually…. what about Steven Seagal?!